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dad is terminal what is going to happen

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Hi, My name is Dan. I am new here and need a friend. My dad is 76 and was told he has 6-7 months to line the day after Christmas 2006. He has good days where he can get around good and other days that he talks about seeing things that aren't there and sleeps alot. It is very sad seeing this once strong man turn into this. Can anyone tell me what to expect and is the seeing things and talking about things that are not real from the medicine or the cancer.

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Hi, I'm sorry for what you are having to go through. It could be your dad's symptoms are coming from the cancer or the treatment, a combination of both, or maybe something entirely different. I don't know the circumstances of your dad's illness, (i.e. where the cancer is , what treatment he's had, surgeries,etc. I'm sure you've had more than one opinion. Have you discussed these symptoms with his doctors? Also, have you spoken to hospice? Prayers for your Dad and you. Come here often for support. God Bless


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so sorry about your dad...I just lost mine 3 months ago...They will "see" things..like Hope said...Hospice are great.He will sleep a lot and he will stop eating...I used to give my dad a lot of yougurt or chocolate puding...and fruits....You will be in my thoughts...
God bless

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Aw, Dan....another caregiver angel added to our ranks! Your job is the hardest...you must watch your dad thru this time.

I agree with other, check out hospice. Also, have you made SURE there is nothing to be done? I was told 6 months to live, 2 YEARS and 6 months ago. (There goes that Hope/glass half full thing again...sigh).

That all said...Love him, like you are. Realize that life is a process. At times, completely out of our control. Sleeping alot is resting a weary body. Seeing things? Depends. Could be a combo of meds (I saw some VERY strange stuff on Morphine...felt like I was Van Gogh!), his memories, and the spiritual side of things coming in.

As I said, love him. Let him talk. Even if it is painful for you...like what to do after. Realize he is heading to a wonderful place, safe from cancer. Find and talk to a grief counselor. As things turned out, I did for other reasons, and then was able to find comfort when my daughter died suddenly in January.

Hugs from a very full heart...


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Dan, My heart and prayers go out to you and your dad. Just keep in mind that none of us know when we are going to leave this world, only that we will. Boy Scouts have it right about being prepared.
Your roll is a difficult one, and this site is a good place for support. Just let us know if we can help in any way.
Jo Ann

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Hi Dan,
My dad passed away from his returned colon cancer at age 85. If you don't have hospice involved in his care, call his doc'd office and discuss that option. They are the folks who will guide you both and teach you whatever you need to know, but, most importantly, will ensure the best comfort care for dad and support for you both. (Your doc certifies the need for hospice if you are diagnosed with a terminal condition and death MAY happen within 6 months). My aunt was on hospice care for over a year; they are angels. You are both in my prayers. Judy

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