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Vit C, Vit K and accupuncture?

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Anyone in our group getting IV Vitamin C? My husband is now getting this through a doctor of oriental medicine. She also discovered that his Vitamin D is almost 0 and his iron is way way high. He is Stage IV, mets to liver and has been on chemo for most of 2 years. We finally found someone to work with him on the naturalpathic side of things. He had horrible diarrea from the xeloda, every day, many times a day, after the first accupunture, it went away. Sounds weird, but it is true.

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WOW, awesome stuff and please keep us posted. I've never done accupuncture but think about it all the time.

I've read some really positive things about the Vitamin C IV trials The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are doing.

My best to you and hubby and I hope the postive results keep coming.

Lisa P.

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That is pretty amazing. Can you ask your accupuncturist if that can help with neuropathy? Also, since I am on Cumadin, I am forbidden to eat any leafy green vegetables since they are high in Vit. K and Vit. K negates the Cumadin. What can I do to get the other benfits I usually get from leafy green vegetables? This is fascinating.

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I will have my hubby ask her when he goes in next week about the neuropathy. I wrote Vit. K in error, it is the Vit. D that she is so worried about. My husband is also on small amounts of cumadin to keep the port flowing. She is not too wild about this. She already made him quit taking tylenol for his back pain. We have found a hot bath takes away his back pain, she gave him a few exercises to do that she feels certain will help the back, we are getting ready to start those. Rome wasn't built in a day. We also have to swish our mouth every morning with cold pressed safflower oil for 20 minutes, not swallow, just spit and rinse. It is supposed to be beneficial for the immune system. I have copies of that research, it came from somewhere in Europe. It sounds like we are bonkers at my home, all I know is my husband feels stronger daily, has tons of hope and the doctor of oriental medicine backs up everything she does with science and takes the time to explain it to us. I think it will take 6 months to see some results, but I feel very hopeful that she will get his body working right again. Best of luck. We are also on a supplement program very different than what we were before. if interested email me, it is a lot, but the Quinlan supplements made my husband queasy and made him burp up disgusting smells. he has no side effects from his current supplements. Who knows, best of luck to you.

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