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upcoming biopsy

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My father-in-law just got through Bladder cancer, chemo and thought he was done. A CT shows three spots on his liver. They are going to biopsy. Can anyone tell me what to expect. Are they doing a biopsy because they suspect something or do they always biopsy just to check to make sure because he had a previous cancer. It has been a shock, he was told his bladder cancer was gone. Any info will help. Thanks.

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Hi. I'm sorry you've got to play the waiting game. It's possible the spots are benign, but it's also possible that they are mets from his bladder cancer (metatisis) My husband has mets from colon cancer. I'm surprised they have not ordered a PET scan first before doing a biopsy. Usually a PET will indicate if the spots are malignant or not. When is the biopsy? Keep us posted. Good Luck and God Bless.

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