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new ca-125 #

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i just received my new ca-125 number that was taken last week before my 6th tx. and it has gone back up to 1,700. this is still a lot lower than where i started but it must mean that tx are no longer working. i have an appt. with gyn-onc tomorrow and i am praying that he will sit up surgery as soon as possible. i don't see any need to wait three or four weeks to let the last chemo tx work. i am already feeling well and my onc said my counts are always good so i don't see any need to wait. if my doctor doesn't want to do surgery then i will need a second opinion and need it soon. please keep me in your prayers for thur. and that i can have surgery soon

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I am sending prayers your way. I hope it goes well and you can tell us on Thursday when you are set up for surgery.
Prayers and Hugs!

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I'm sorry to hear that the chemo has stopped working...I'm with you a second surgery might as well be done asap!!! Good luck my friend, I'll be praying for you today..keep me posted..(((hugz)))..Joanne

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You've got my prayers, too. And hugs. Hope you can get your surgery done and out of the way so you can be on the road to recovery soon!

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Kathie, sending lots of prayers your way. It was nice chatting with you this morning. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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