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Cysts & Biopsies

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My CT scans show cyts, I then have biopsied and they are fluid filled cysts, no cancer; I thank God! Prayers get me through all of this, and I pray often driving down the road, and my community prays with me and for me, I just thank God each day He allows us to be here to pray. Does anyone else ever get these cysts as well......

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Add me to your community of prayer partners! I am so glad to hear your report is good. There are women here who have had 'lymphoceles' and have had them drained. Don't know if that's the same situation as yours, but I'm sure some will give you more info. As a two-time ovarian cancer survivor I fully understand your fears. And had it not been for my faith, my journey would be much more difficult than it has been. Keep the faith and come back and visit soon!

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I am so glad that you had such a good report. Prayer is a wonderful thing!
I use to get ovulating cyst quite often. Normally they would go away but sometimes they would stick around for a while before they would burst or dissipate on their own. They were never cancerous. My doctor always kept an eye on them since there was a history of ovca in my family. That may be why my cancer was found so quickly (stage IIb). Good luck!

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Amen! That is wonderful news, thanks for sharing the update. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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