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Stage IV, 18 tumors gone..now NED

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Dear Friends: I just wanted to send a quick update, hopefully to encourage anyone out there who has been recently diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer.

After 18 evil tumors - I'm NED. My CEA is the lowest ever. (less than 1.0) I was diagnosed in May 05. Took chemo and a miracle happened: my rectal tumor completely resolved with chemo. So then I had a liver resection in Nov. 05 at MDAnderson. Then a lung resection in Feb. 07. (The lung tumors were so tiny and had always been present. And we finally decided to go after them & they turned out to be cancerous.)

Whew! The statistics are: nearly 2 years in the clear for primary tumor area, 15 months clear in the liver, and two months clear in the lungs.

Stage IV isn't the end! If you get top-notch medical care and second opinions, you have the best chance of beating this ugly disease. And attitude counts!!

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See my email, Aileen. This is great news!


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We were diagnosed about the same time with iv, and I too am NED so there is hope. Good to hear you are doing so fantabulous!
Jo Ann

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wow ! That is great news...!!!
Its just what we need to see...
God bless

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Terrific news . Thank you for sharing . I did in fact email another prominent surgeon and professor here on Saturday to ask for another opinion. He actually responded to my email (much to my surprise on a saturday no less) and said he would be happy to review my husbands next ct images to see if we can pursue surgical options or rfa etc. I believe in persistance and second and third and fourth opinions if necessary. You just HAVE to be your own advocate sometimes. Thanks for confirming that with your post! Good luck and prayers for continued NED . God Bless.

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Dear Hopeful One:
IF you need it, I would be most happy to send you the email address of one of the best liver surgeons in the world! My liver surgeon, who took out 12 tumors in my liver, and is the world-renowned authority/inventor of rfa, is Dr. Steven A. Curley at MD Anderson (Houston, TX). He is my favorite doctor & I like to think I'm one of his favorite patients. He said "yes" to surgery when the Johns Hopkins surgeons said "no". His work speaks for itself.
Let me know if you'd like to email him, and I'll send you his personal email address. And I'll tell him that you'll be writing to him.
Otherwise, best of luck to you and your husband! Yes, you're right, you must be your own advocate!
Aileen Hamilton

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Aileen -

What can I say but... WOW! That is so inspiring for people! Way to go gurl!


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Wow, what a great post!

Those 18 tumors, they picked the wrong host body!!!

Congratulations to you and thanks so much for sharing your great news!


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Contratulations!! I'm also a stage iv survivor and patient at MD Anderson!! Can't say enough good things about my treatment there. Who is your oncologist??


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I Love to hear good news, and from you, well, you are SUCH a brave fighter!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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