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Nodule in lung

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During tests for another problem, they found a nodule on my lung. 3 years ago I had Stage 1C Grade 2 adenocarcinoma with no problems since that time until now. They want me to just wait 3 months and "see if it grows". This is driving me crazy! Does anyone know if there is something more they can do besides watch and wait?

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I don't know if you had any followup treatment after your surgery like radiation or chemo? Maybe you could seek out a large cancer center like M.D Anderson in Houston for a second opinion or qualify for a study or clinical trial? Have you contacted the ACS by phone for information? I'd be going crazy like you, but use that energy to do some research at high profile sites or even go to someone else in your area for a second or third opinion. Good luck and God bless!

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I agree with tiva's advice......is there somewhere close to you where you could get professional advice or a second opinion ?
i was diagnosed with cervical cancer this past Fall. On June 27th when I see my oncologist, he is going to order a chest x-ray to make sure no cancer cells have migrated to my lungs. I'm anxious about it but feel positive about a good outcome. ANY test after a cancer diagnosis is nerve-wracking for me. I just hold my breath till the results come back. Good luck !!! Keep the faith !!

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Hi, I have same type of situation, while having a pet/ct scan for one thing, they found a nodule on my left lung...3mm in size---very small, they said, compared to a previous Pet/ct scan in Nov, they saw the same nodule, on left lung, and it hasnt changed in size....which usually means its benign....but you are going through the waiting period right now, to see if it grows, i guess thats what you will have to do, i dont know, my oncologist said....that, no surgeon will touch me, meaning do a biopsy for a nodule so small, and mind you, again, mine was a 3mm, thats like smaller than a tip of a pencil eraser, like half of half of it...so, im keeping my eye on it. Im also a breast cancer and rectal/anal survivor, and i at times i ask, why me!!

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