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Wes Update

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I want to thank all the wonderful people in this group. Your warm words of encouragement and advice have really made this situation easier on me and my family.

As as update...the 17 polyps that were removed in the second colonoscopy all came back benign but adenomous. The second Gastro also recommended the entire colon must come out within a "few months"...but waiting a year would be "crazy"...exactly what the first doctor said.

Today I met with a fabulous surgeon, and we began to make plans for the surgury in late June or July(either and IRA or a J-Pouch), depending on the results of the rectal wall biopsy (to see if there are any micro adenomos). Even though I have 80 to 100 polyps, all doctors FEEL that I have a undiscovered genitic condition (as my polyps, their location, and their development do not really fit with known genetic conditions like FAP, AFAP, etc.). We will probably get some genetic testing done to see if this condition may effect the kids (7 year old boy, 7 month old girl, and one due in November).

I will keep everyone posted, and will be taking you up on your offers to contact folks that you know that have had this type of surgery - thanks again so much for this information.

Seperately, I have decided to dedicate myself to the cause of Colon Cancer prevention and awareness...and would welcome your thoughts as to proactive impact oriented things that I could start doing ASAP to help in this cause.

My greatest respects and admiration to all of the brave, courageous, and wonderful people in this community.


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Benign is such a lovely word...but listen to your docs...it is easier, as was said before, to remove pre-cancer than cancer....

You had BETTER keep us up to date. After all, we ARE family!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Thanks for sharing your story. I find it interesting that so many diseases are not yet genetically known. My cancer had certain similarities for a genetic type of colon cancer (in addition to being dx at 33 yrs), but they couldn't pin it down for certain on any tests.

I'm with you on your dedication to CC. I just think it's crazy that such a preventable disease takes so many lives. Young people really get the short end of the stick when it comes to screening.


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Wes -

Sounds like you have a great attitude. That will serve you well as you begin to lock horns with the dragon. Know we're all behind you.

As for things you can do to help out the cause; there's always Relay for Life through the American Cancer Society. Check with your local chapter for info on Relay in your area.

Another thing you might consider: http://www.colondar.com
It's an amazing experience andreally turns the volume up on the issue of the under 50-set getting colon cancer.


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....or Cancer Action Network
....or Legislative Ambassador
....or C3
....or Colon Cancer Alliance

Wait, stop....change all the "or's" to "And's"....that would be me...hehehehe...

Hugs, Kathi

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The Colon Cancer Alliance is a great place to begin getting involved. They are totally dedicated to awareness and prevention. They help sponsor an annual 5k run called "Get your rear in gear" event to promote colonoscopies and early detection. You can go to www.ccalliance.com for more information or email me here. They want to get chapters started in as many cities as possible, so you might think about that. They provide tons of help.


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Wes -
I am so glad you have decided on the surgery and so glad everything appears benign so far. Please do keep us posted and keep thinking of those 3 kids.

Best of luck,

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