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Newly diagnosed and very afraid

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My father was sent to a Urologist for a slightly elevated PSA (5.4), after exam, Urologist opted for a biopsy due to some "hardening" but was not concerned. We were then told some cancerous cells were found. We were given some reading material, but appt. was 2 wks. out. During that time we convinced ourselves the cancer was in the early stages because of the low PSA. 4 days ago we were devastated and shocked to learn that 12 of 18 samples were cancerous with Gleason scores of 8, 7, and 6, and both lobes are involved. Before further testing, he is a T2c. After reading the material, I found that cancers w/ Gleasons of 8 or more with low PSA levels often indicate abnormal cancers (that don't produce PSA) that are difficult to treat. Now we wait for all the scans..... and Pray it hasn't spread. Please someone give me some good news....

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I am so sorry to hear of your Father's diagnosis. Please don't borrow trouble and keep a positive attitude. Until further tests are performed you do not know anything for sure. If the cancer has not spread beyond the Prostate, you have several options, surgery, radiation, or hormonal. Even if the cancer has spread, there are treatment options available for that also.

Keep the faith and let us know the outcome of the tests.

In our prayers,


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Hi -- at this stage of the game -- you should try and take each step -- one at a time. Don't go beyond the scans -- wait until you hear the results. As Roger said -- there are different options available. A friend - was 58 or so -- had Gleason 8 -- they werent sure if they should remove the prostate but they did -- then his PSA went to .5 6 months afterwards -- he got radiation - and he is fine now -- construction worker -- that was 10 years ago!!

Best advice -- once you get all the tests done -- find a prostate cancer specialist at a major hospital and get other opinions.

Good luck you are in our prayers -- keep us advised


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The news at first is quite shocking but you have to keep a positive mind set (and so does your dad).
Do your research and get a good doctor (Dr Ash Tewari at Weill Cornell Med Cntr in NY is THE BEST) and you'll find that everything will turn out fine.
rogermoore is 100% correct in saying dont jump to conclusions.
Take this one step at a time,review all your options and then make a decision on the best procedure.
There is a world of support here for your dad if he needs it.
My thoughts and prayers are with your dad and your family!!!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I am amazed and comforted to find kind friends without having ever met! Thank you for the Dr. recommendations- we are feeling very new to this and there is so much information to try to digest. Dad has his scans and MRIs in 4 days, and surgery on the 17th, assuming scans are clean.
My thoughts are with you as well, while I don't know your story, I know that being a part of this site implies you are struggling too. We are part of a group that no one would want to join, yet I am so thankful to have the support! Best Wishes, Christie

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Hi - As all the others have said take it a step at a time and be positive. My situation was the same as your Father's; low psa and a high grade tumour Gleason 8s & 9s in all cores and an extension out of the capsule. My son also had the same reaction as you - normally he is a cool lawyer but when its family sometimes logic goes out of the window and emotion takes over. Its nice that you and him care so much for their Fathers.

I have had the prostate removed and radio therapy to the bed. That was 3 years ago and I am very well. So will your Father be. You are in the best country for treatment. Here in Europe we are 3rd world in comparison to America. As someone mentioned Ash Tewari is one the greats in this field but there also many others with good experience - Patrick Walsh being another. Whoever you get for him make sure he is well armed with questions.

All the best to both of you

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