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About My Sister

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Hello all. I'm a new member here and have been reading your posts for a couple of days. First, let me say how very sorry I am for what you all have been through or are going through. But, wow, what a strong, loving group you are, and that's what led me to actually share this with you.

Last week my sister (just younger than I) went to the ER because she was having pain and difficulty breathing. Initially, they thought it might be her gall-bladder and decided to do an ultra-sound. Well, she does in fact have polyps on her gall-bladder, but they also found a mass in her upper abdomen and fluid around her liver as well as in the abdominal cavity. They did an CT-scan as well and ran blood tests. They are absolutely certain that she has ovarian cancer. Her CA-125 is at 4,000. Of course we don't know the stage yet as we are in beginning times here. Our hospital and the physicians here don't feel qualified to perform the surgery, etc. so they have been working on arranging it in a larger city about 3 hours away. Yesterday, my sister went to see the oncologist that the hospital referred her to and now it looks like she might also have breast cancer. Her daughter and I will be taking her to the University hospital Friday for a consultation there. Evidentally surgery may have to be put on the back burner while this newest development is explored. Her hemoglobin was way low and they gave her two units of blood while she was in the hospital. I must say, she looks so much better.

My family is devastated. I think we're all numb right now. I can't even imagine what must really be going through her mind. She's got a great sense of humour and I think that's going to be such an asset. We were talking about T-shirts and she said she was going to have one made that says: "If you don't like my attitude, go read my chart"

Ok, I've really rambled, but thanks for letting me. I know she and we will get through this and I'm glad there's a place like this where I can rant and ramble without distressing her or my family further. Sorry, but - tag - you're it.


ps. Apologies, but I couldn't find a spell-check feature. Bear with me.

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First let me say how sorry I am that your sister and your family are going through such a difficult time. But, you have come to the right place. As you know there are a lot of women on this sight who are very knowledgeable and will hopefully be able to help take some of your stress away. Your sister is very lucky to have you. I know my sisters and family where a big help even when it was just listening as I talked about my treatments. Let us know how we can help and I will add your sister to my prayer list.

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Carol, How terrified you, your sister and the rest of your family must be right now. I know I had to wait about 5 weeks for my surgery because the surgeon of choice was on vacation. It was a horrific time for me and my family. Somehow it will help some to get a grip on exactly what you are fighting, that is, what stage the cancer is, and can they get it all. I'm almost certain she will need chemo after the surgery, and there are so many that work very well. I think I would definitely ask about the IP chemo procedure. I think it works best at the very first operation, or so my doctor has told me. Others know much more about it than I do. Also, the possibility of breast cancer on top of this horrific disease is mind-boggling to me. I'm happy to hear that your sister has a great sense of humor, which will help greatly. We are like a family here, and we will all be anxiously awaiting news as soon as you can let us know. Please know that we will all be praying and thinking about you and your sister, and your family! Try to stay positive and make sure that the doctors offer your sister "hope" - which is the very best medicine we all receive. Take care, MichaelaMarie

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You must be so scared right now..I know I only had to contend with ovarian..I couldn't imagine having breast ca at the same time. There is another site out there that also might be of some help and guidance its called "facing our risk" It's a site like this but is breast and ovarian ca combined, also it has lots of heridary issues..which might be something for you all to look at further down the road!!! I'm so glad that your sister has a sense of humor, as she will be needing it.It will amke the road alittle easier. Good luck..I'll be praying for your sister and your faamily as well...((((hugz)))..Joanne

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You and your family certainly have an overwhelming amount on your plate. But as Jami said, this is the 'right place' for everything from information, treatment options, and just good old support, love and hugs.

First let me say that one thing to be grateful for is that the doctor she saw was thorough and caught all of this. Secondly, the fact that they recognize this is out of their league and want her to see the best she can for her situation. Also, some here can tell you that univeristy hospitals are good because they usually have tons of studies going on and are up-to-date on most things, thus providing ample options. However, a gynocologic oncologist would also be a good choice. Of course, if breast cancer is also present, it seems as though she will have two doctors consulting together.

I'm also glad that she has a good sense of humor. ALL of us will tell you that is VERY important, as well as a good support system. My faith is also the biggest integral part of my recovery, living, etc. And last but not least, to have a sister and family such as you will play a big part in how she deals with this. But don't deny yourself that support - come back often and let us help you through this. Keep us informed and remember we are here for you.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

P.S. Tell you're sister that when she gets those t-shirts printed up I want one!!!

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Dear Carol, I am so sorry you had to use this board but also thank the Lord you found it. Support and information are very tools in this journey. Thank God they did an ultr sound and then sent her to Drs that are more equipped to help her. I will put you both on my prayer list.

Keep us posted. Bonnie

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i am so sorry about your sister and that another family has to go through all of this. i have not had my surgery yet, i was dx in jan 07, but have started chemo and it is working out for me. i feel great except for the few days after chemo and my counts (ca-125) are much better. i was really scared about putting off the surgery at first and i know it must be for your sister. i hope you get all of your questions answered on fri. and that you like and trust her new doctors. i will keep you'll in my thoughts and prayers

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Oh my gosh. Thank you all so much. It really does help to get feedback. And I'll pass along that you've added her and us to your prayer lists. Thank you for that. MichaelaMarie, thanks for the advice on the IP Chemo, I've been reading about that and it does look like a good route. Joanne - I'll definitely look into that other site. I'm amazed at the support resources that are available. Monika, we'll get those T-shirts printed up. :)

You all are right that we should be grateful that her Dr. was so thorough although at the time it was like slam, slam, slam. But, in the long run I know that thoroughness will be an advantage. Kathie, I'm so glad your initial treatment is working out for you. Wow, so many options.

Again, thank you all for your words of advice and hope. You all are in our thoughts and prayers as well.

Keep on keepin' on.

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My dx 3/19/07 so I'm new too. No breast involvement. Because of the number of places I have in abdomen, I am doing 3 chemo treatments and then the surgery if they shrink. I know how scared you must feel now, but after a month I am getting a sense of humor and working on my attitude. hang in there and
know that this site helps.

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