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Article on Superfoods for Cancer Paients and Survivors

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I just read an online article from Ladies Home Journal on 7 Super Foods for cancer survivors and 6 foods for cancer patients. Thought that some of you might be interested in the article. I am not sure how much I believe that they actually work but like most of us I am always willing to try anything along with conventional medicine. You can go to: http://lhj.com/lhj/story.jhtml?sssdmh=dm17.259328&storyid=/templatedata/lhj/story/data/1157137091060.xml&esrc=nwlr43&email=425963818 . Just highlight the link and copy it into your address bar. Or if that doesn't work try going to www.lhj.com/health . If you can't bring up the article I will be glad to send you the list.
Hugs to all

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Thank you for the info - very informative! I believe in doing ALL we can regarding our health, from every angle, and not just when we're are ill, but as a daily part of life.

Just a thought - While flaxseed has numerous health benefits (I used to use it all the time), do some further research. I found out that it can enhance estrogen production, which for most of us is not a good thing.

Thank you, Jami. Knowledge IS power!


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I guess I'll read my LHJ and get the list! Thanks for the heads up...

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