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Goodmorning everyone, I just wanted to let you know I saw my Dr yesterday. My ctscan was stable and ca125 at 57, it was 60 last month. So at least everything is holding and I will stay on the Etoposide another month. Maybe this oral chemo will continue to hold everything still or better yet knock it back little bits at a time. I'll take either one and thank the Lord for another new day. God is Good!

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Thanks for the update. It is good to hear that you have stabalized. I will keep praying that the chemo continues to knock out that cancer!

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Hi Bonnie, I would call that good news! I had started worrying about you. Just think, you had a drop, however small, still a drop! Yippee! Thanks much for keeping us updated. I hope you are feeling good. Take care, with hugs, MM

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Hi Bonnie. Well, that's good news. It's probably just a slow acting drug but that's good that it is dropping your CA125. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you have peace. Take care.


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That is great news....down is down no matter how small the drop!!! I hope you are enjoying these beautiful spring days...I give thanks to God for each and everyone of them..(((hugz)))..Joanne

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I thank the Lord for miracles, no matter how seemingly small! Continue to remain strong and we'll continue to uphold you in prayer and hugs!

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i'm so happy to hear that you have had improvement with your new treatment method. i hope the treatment will continue to reduce your numbers and that you will have a good summer

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Thank you all so much! Sailing on the winds of GRACE!

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I'm very glad to hear that you're having a hold! This has been a tough winter for my support group, and it's good to hear of some good results.

Enjoy some sun and daffodils!

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