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New Symbol of Hope For Colon Cancer Cure

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This might be a good idea for the upcoming Nashville trip.

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I always felt that our ribbon should be white with a brown stripe down the middle of it.

(OK, I know, I'm recycling jokes, but there ARE new people here who haven't yet had the full experience of my witty reparte)

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AW, dad,
We LOVE you...even with your recycling!!!

Hugs, your faithful daughter.

PS....I wear both blue and pink...together they make purple (survivor color)...no wonder I survived....hehehehee!

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Dang girl - what are you doing up so early?... or are you just getting in after a long night of painting the town purple? I can see you at a goth dungeon or at a rave party...

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Great looking icon.

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I got that start tattoo'd on my right shoulder, with a butterfly at the bottom for rebirth. My best friend got the start tattoo'd on her left shoulder, so we can stand shoulder to shoulder with our stars next to each other. Hers has the chinese symbol for friend in the middle of it. My daughters both got the star tattoo'd on the sides of their abdomen, with stars shooting off of it, and my oldest got the chinese characters for mom in the center. They are an awesome way for us to join in this fight, and when someone sees it and asks what it is, a good way to spread the word on this beast! I first heard about that star from The Colon Club's yearly Colondar.

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Will you be joining us in Nashville??????


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