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To all stage IIIC with recurrences...

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Can you share were your recurrences have been found???
How have you been treated and what remission did this give you?
My Mom has her 1st recurrence solid lesions found around liver, diaphragm, adyecent to stomach, rectum and colon. We are proposed a debulking surgery and IP chemo with cisplatin heated up to 42ºC for some hours. But this scares me since surgery was tried last Thursday and Mom had arythmias and procedure was cancelled (due to low magnesium and potassium). I would like to know who have recurred as much and benefited only of chemo.
Tks Liz

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My first recurrence was discovered when they did a reversal of a colostomy. I had normal CT scans and ca-125 was 9. Of course the Onc/gyn removed all he could see,and turned them all in for biopsies. I had areas throughout my abd, colon and lymph nodes. I was then on 6 cycles of Doxil, and that gave me 13 months of remission. Also Doxil was so easy on me, so I felt pretty good while on it. Then on my second recurrence, they found on CT scan, after 6 months of rising ca-125. Again the areas are on my colon,abd areas and lymph nodes. I was put on Gemzar. I have just finished my 3rd cycle. A cycle for me is 3 chemo's with a week off between each cycle. My ca-125 statred at 82.8 and is 21.9 as of the end of the second cycle. So I do respond well to chemo. Gemzar is really a pretty easy chemo as well, no hair loss,minimal nausea, no aches or pains (so far) What are the sizes of the growths in your Mom?? Mine were as small as 2 cm to 6 cm (or about 1" to 3")and they are responding to the chemo. I won't be able to tell you more until I have another CT scan, which isn't planned at this time probably after I finish chemo. Good luck...I'm praying for your Mom, and feel so bad for you. You have a little baby and this should be a happy time for you...if your Mom can go though the surgery, and then the chemo it might be the road I would take...but for many of us the OVCA is kept at bay with chemo only. I would ask mom how she feels...does she feel strong enough to with stand another surgery??? I'll be saying prayers for you(((((hugz)))..Joanne

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