Need Positive Thoughts/Prayers

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*Diagnosed 5/02
*Has been on multiple treatments and had three liver resections (last one in 10/05)
*In September 06 - Pet Scan showed multiple spots in liver and cea was 55. Rose to 181 by end of October and went down to 57 by March. Now it is up again to 74. At first Dr. did not seem concerned and scheduled pet scan in July. He was going to keep him on the treatment. My mom called and now we are going to move up the pet scan to May.

I am very nervous about this. Since we are approaching 5 years since diagnosis, I thought that we would be so much further along by now. We have been told many times that if it has not left the liver by now (after 3+ years), it will not likely leave the liver. More than one doctor told us this. Prior to September 06, his cea had never been above 17. We are in a new place and very scared. If my mom had not called, the doctor would have continued the treatment and waited for a scan (not very alarmed). Previous oncologists did the opposite. Any rise led to a scan. We have a new oncologist because they moved to Williamsbur, VA. Well, now the pet scan is scheduled in May and we will meet with the oncologist on May 11. We have decided to contact two previous surgeons to get their opinion after we get the pet scan results. Has anyone had success with Xeolda (sp), cryotherapy, or cyberknife. We need hope!! My dad is so healthy except for this one thing (cancer!!!). Any advice is welcomed.



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    J -

    No insight to lend here, just keeping your dad and family in my prayers.

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    My mom stage 4 has taken Xeloda and had some pretty good results. After about 5 months, it seemed to quit working-she had further spread. We then decided to try Cyberknife. She is about 5 weeks out from having that done and a PET/CT scan just showed great results. The 2 tumors that the Cyberknife treated are showing way less activity and in another 8 weeks onc is hopeful that they will be dead!!! Let me know if I can be of any help. Good luck to you and your family, and I will be keeping you all in my prayers!!
    God bless-
    P.S. My mom's tumors were on her adrenal glands.
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    spongebob said:

    J -

    No insight to lend here, just keeping your dad and family in my prayers.


    I'm with Bob....prayers are going out!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi.My husband is on Xeloda, avastin & oxal. Stage IV w/liver mets. He takes the xeloda for 14 days (2x/day) with a 7 day rest period and goes once every 3 weeks for the avastin/oxal infusion. He's just completed 2 full cycles of xeloda ,(now on third) and 3 iv's . Last week we were told the mets appear to be shrinking in size slightly. So far his side effects have been mild with the most annoying one to be the tingling from the oxal. We are hopeful that the mets will shrink enough to allow for other options, rfa, cryosurgery, resection etc. He also has a ct every 6 weeks and bloodwork weekly . Good luck. Don't lose hope. There have been advances in this area in recent years. God Bless.