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Mom's surgery... need urgent advice!!!!!!

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My Mom was supose to have debulking surgery plus IP chemo last Thursday...outcome was no surgery at all..when cutting through skin (after 15 min of surgery) she had 2 aritmias which made them stop procedure. They realeased her this morning and studies say her heart is ok and that the problem was low magnesium and potasium which is stable now. So they are now proposing to have her operated on Tuesday. We are having 2nd thoughts on doing this. I`m afraid for her life,,,surgery is programed for 6 hrs..on the other hand I`m afraid that if debulking is not done... maybe IV chemo will not have the same effect to the amount of cancer cells. Please give me you opinions. Thanks LIZ

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What are 'anitmias'? Do you mean 'arythmias'? That's where the heart has little flutters or skips beats? If that's the case, yes it is most likely caused by the low mag/potassium. What kind of tests did they do to check out her heart? If she received the 'all clear' regarding her heart, I would imagine they wouldn't do the surgery if they really felt there knowlingly a potential risk.

I know this must all be difficult for you. While 6 hours is a long surgery, it could mean getting this disease under control. If she doesn't do the surgery what treatment would they use?

I will pray for you and your Mom, Liz, to reach a mutually acceptable decision. No one knows everything for sure, so just make the best decision you can, weighing all the risk factors for surgery/cancer/treatment, etc.

My thoughts, hugs and prayers are coming your way.


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Hi Monica, yes it was arythmias ..she had tests that I don't know the name of in English.. but included her 24 elements as Potassium, Magnesium, sodium, etc.. linfocites, plaquets......although these tests were a week and a half old. Since who operates is a Onclogist Surgeon and her Medical Ocologist gives her treatment they talked and said she was a candidate for this approach. I asked the Medical Oncologist that is we decided no surgery and instead IV chemo what would be the difference. He said debulking in ovarian cancer is a must when operable.. this gives a better chance for drugs to work and get into remission. He did not tell me what drug he would use intead since he said he thought it's better to eliminate tumours as much as possible. Tks for your prayers.. Liz

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I am so sorry that this is happennning to you and your Mom. I would also be scared. I have chemo for both of my recurrences and they first one did give me 13 months of remission. So far I'm doing well on the gemzar, as my ca=125 is 21.9. Tough decision for sure. If the Dr. gives her the go light then I might go that way. as they could really get alot more of the cancer out giving her a better chance with chemo therapy after. I always pray when I can't decide, and sometimes I get the answer!!! Good luck I'll be saying prayers for your Mom...(((huugz)))....Joanne

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Hi Joanne, I have a big question since you have had you recurrences treated with chemo...I understand you were dx stage IIIC, can you tell me were where your 1st and 2nd recurrences?? Where they just a couple of tumours or much cancer again?? The thing is my Mom recurred with solid lesions around liver, diapragm, adyecent to stomach, to colon and to rectum....what you call in the general abdominal cavity. So I'm afraid that if surgery is not done maybe chemo won't put her in remission again. Although first time she had a lot of tumours and did not have a debulking surgery.. she only had the ovary with a big tumour removed, and responded very well to carboplat and bristaxol with 8 treatments.
Tks for your prayers. Liz

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