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Intraparatoneal chemo

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Has anyone out there gone throught IP chemo

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I had 4 IP tx of taxol after 8 IV tx of Taxol/carbo. The difficulty was with the port. They had a hard time accessing it 3 out of the 4 times. The side effects were not too bad compared with the IV.

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Hi duckcreek, My Mom is about to have IP chemo. Have you already gone through it??? Can you please share what ever experience ir stories you might have. Tks Liz

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I had IP chemo the first time around and highly recommend it. I had to have my port redone but after that it worked great. It made feel feel a little bloated for a few hours after treatment. I had a lot of nausia but am not sure I would not have had it with just the IV chemo.
after half way through I went back to work part time. I am now going through a reoccurrence but
the reoccurrence is in my chest wall not in the abdomen when the original cancer was.

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