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Pain In Penis 5 weeks post surgery

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I am having pain inside my penis 5 weeks after surgery. Worse pain is near base of penis. No pain urinating, flow ok. It is worse at night and keeps me awake. Asked my doctor and he said it is probably due to the nerves being extra sensitive after surgery. Very disconcerting. Anyone with similar problem. Thanks

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Had some pain also - seemed to be in the middle - went away. I'm about a month out from RP.

Incontinence still a problem -- OK at night -- leaking when a move around

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Thanks for the reply. Will be 6 weeks 4/27/07. No drips while in bed. Walking around I will drip unless I concentrate hard on retention. Pain in penis gets bad usually around 3:00 AM. Days it does not hurt. Weird. Other than that, pretty good.

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I am also experiencing pain in the middle area of the penis. I had the robotic prostatectomy on May 21st. I thought I was just bruised from the catheter. I was back at the cancer center this past week (August 18). They want me to get a cyst gram. Not crazy about that. They also took a sample of my urine, for possible urinary tract infection. This has been constant for the last three months. Some sporadic bleeding also. I will keep you posted.

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I did not have the urinary tract infection (as I had hoped). Scheduled to go back in a couple of weeks for cystogram. Not looking forward to that.
The good news is no bleeding for the past two weeks, and continence is way up. ~90%

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I too had Davinci May21...in Ocala, Fl. I am dry...but experiencing some ED, and a psa of .7 which has me starting IMRT radiation soon.

I did the cystogram prior to cath. removal (its a check for leaks) It is so easy...no need to sweat it. Good luck

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I believe that's common, but varies from person to person. My pain in the tip of my penis lasted 2 months. My doctor said to take advil and stay off my feet when possible. You're right, sometimes the pain was excruciating. The good news is it goes away.

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I was treated with proton therapy in Jacksonville at UFPTI, ending Mar 6, 2008. In late Feb. I developed a burning sensation of the penis. It was hard to say if it was internal or external, but it was severe. I also had extreme sensitivity to touch by my underware or bedsheets, causing me to try to sleep in a recliner with my knees making a tent to keep the sheet off my sensitive area. I was getting very little sleep and no deep sleep. My rad-onco MD was stumped as to cause or remedy. After a month of no relief, I sought out a pain specialist who said I likely have nerve damage and he immediately prescribed Lyrica 75MG every 12 hrs. to be increaded to 200mg per day over time. I slept 10 hours that night. I've been largely pain free for about a week now. Last night I had a dull pain (internal) and popped an extra 50mg which helped me sleep. I am so releived to hear this might go away. The pain Dr. had worked in Houston and saw prostate patients with my symptoms and he thinks it will abate over time.

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I had brachytherapy a little over a week ago, and yesterday, suddenly, I developed a wrinkling of the skin on my penis and slight little cracks like chapped lips around the tip. Is this caused by the radiation? If so, is it temporary or not, and what can be done about it?

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Hi, Deck. Me too, though only 3 weeks out from cryoablation. Mine is troublesome after waking up and getting on with the day. Overall ache, not agonizing, but distracting enough. But I've got oxycodone, & have found that one of those, a hotpack (wrapped, of course) snugly tucked between my legs, and an hour's worth of good music on the stereo takes care of me for the day. This might soothe you at night. Is your dr. willing to prescribe something to help you with sleep? Good luck! John

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Four weeks ago I underwent Brachytherapy which is the radioactive seeds implanted into my prostate. I am having pain in my penis from
the tip all the way down to the base, the full length of the urethra. I am having frequent urination with dribble syndrome and causing an overall ache as well, not unbearably painful, but distracting as well. My Dr. prescribed Flomax to help with that. Good news is that I am having erections, orgasms and ejaculations, although my ejaculate is very watery. No longer thick as before. I am also experiencing a sensation of feeling like I have a golf ball inside my rectum putting constant pressure from the inside. I assume that this is from the swelling of my prostate due to the trauma and placement of the seeds, This is my third type of cancer to overcome. Be encouraged guys and hang in there. Be positive and carry on with your lives as best you can. Find support where you can. Best Wishes! Dick 57 Years Young!

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have intermittent bleeding in urination..pain and burning inside the penis most of the time..most pain is mid to top of the penis..pain type keeps changing too!
doc felt that it may be a scab or existing bruise in urethra..dont think it UTI or a strciture as the urine is clear and flow strong

doc suggested to wait and see for improvement...aggressive approach may to put a scope in the penis and see the problem and also do CT scan..but that will only irritate the urethra more..

it still is concerning as bleeding comes once a while and the burning senstion and pain is bothersome

will appreciate any suggestions for individual experience

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I am 19 weeks out and have intermittent pain in my penis-mid and base area but I also injected myself for ED therapy. On my 17 week I pissed out what looked like a stricture (freaked me out but did not call my urologist) and since then I have not leaked a drop (I was dry from day one but had a drop or 2 after urinating until I passed this thing)…but still experience the intermittent pain…My 2 cents is avoid a CT anytime you can…some days it seems that these Doctors will have you “glowing” in the dark to cover their butts in malpractice (sad but I believe pretty true)…
I will be seeing my urologist when I get back to Atlanta in August and discuss these and some other concerns (hey I have not seen him since 6 weeks out from surgery and this is what I prefer)...Chitown Call me if you want my number is virtual

Best to all

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