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Radical Perineal Prostatectomy

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I am scheduled to have a radical perineal prostatectomy at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore next month. I am sufficiently frightened. I would like to hear from others who have had this procedure, specifically about issues that arose during surgery or complications during recovery.

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I had surgery on 12/27/06. They went in just below the belly button. The surgery was nothing. I took pain med's for one day. Was up walking around the next day. Don't be nervous about the surgery.
The biggest issue was the catheter for 2 weeks. Did not hurt, but was very uncomfortable. You are going to a good hospital and I believe surgery is the best procedure. You will be fine. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but am glad you joined us on this site. I am a 6 yr survivor of a conventional RP. I am curious why you elected to have the perineal procedure rather than the pubic incision?

I would think, as my surgeon did, that the Dr would have better visibility during surgery with the pubic incision.

Anyway, you can enter the term perineal on this site and you should get a list of survivors that underwent this procedure.

Best of luck,


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Hi -- had RP 3/29/07. Going back to work tomorrow - part time. FT next week.

I agree - surgery was not that big a deal. Pain meds help -- then just soreness -- some restriction of movement - nothing terrible. Catether is irritating and takes some getting use to.

Scar is 5" or so - below navel. Another small scar (1/2") for the drain. You'll do fine

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