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have anyone heard of leatrile treatments
sounds very promising to me. thinking of
having this treatment, since inop cancer and
can't do radiation again and chemo does not
seem to be helping. i appreciate any info or


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I am so sorry to hear that you are in this predicament. I do not know the exact nature of your cancer, of course, or what other avenues you have explored.

I don't know why further chemo and rads and even surg are out of the question.

I also don't know anything about laetrile except for what I've read. I can tell you, as a more or less scientific sort of person, I would stay with what my doctors are advising, until that is no longer an option.

Or I would try the leatrile IN ADDITION to what they are offering.

In other words, I would not give up hope on what my trained doctors are advising me, even if I decided to do a few things on my own to cover all of the bases.

I wish you the very best.

Take care.

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i have read that alot of people have had surgery for this type of cancer, don't understand why husbands Dr said that she can't reach it. he has had radiation before to the neck area for laryngeal cancer 4 yrs prior. so we were told that he can't even have rads, i'm scared that chemo won't be enough to rid this cancer, does anyone know if the size make any difference? feel like we are wasting time.


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I see that you're asking about a doctor in Stanford. Has your husband been seen by the tumor board at Stanford University? He would get the advice of an entire team of top doctors.

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