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My husband was to have his last chemo treatment of folfox last week but his WBC were too low. We were to wait until this week and get his blood checked again. His bloodwork today again revealed a low count so we will be delayed again until next week. Will there be some point when they just decide to forget the last treatment? How many weeks can you put between treatments to still have an effective treatment? He had 7 out of 8 treatments without any major problems. It feels a little scary to think we will be done with the chemotherapy. We just hope it has done its job....


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    Hi Faith, no experience on this one yet, but I believe there are others whose therapy was delayed by as much as 3 weeks or more and were told it is still effective. Hopefully, they'll post. From what I've read here previously, it seems a bit common that treatments are interrupted for various reasons and are sometimes stopped short of completion. If it happens,I'd ask the oncologist what their thoughts are on it. I hope also that the chemo has done it's job for your husband . I understand your apprehension at stopping. It's so ironic that it's scary to start chemo treatment and then scary to stop it. Prayers all will be well for your husband. God Bless and keep the faith. Diane
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    Hi Faith. I had one 2-week delay and two 3-week delays due to blood count issues and just being too sick, but my onc said it was all good. Encourage your husband to stay hydrated, and to optimize his nutrition as much as possible. I know it can be difficult, but try. I am keeping the faith with you. God bless.
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    I look at it as if it is still having an effect on the white cells it is probably having the same type of effect on any cancer cells. I would not worry about the delay. The hardest part is the waiting to "be done". The number of treatments is somewhat arbitrary based on the past and is constantly but slowly changing.

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    I was diagnosed stage 3 in 03 and had to have several Folfox treatments delayed. I remember the fear I felt because of the delays but realized that they were medically necessary. I did finish all of my treatments and have remained cancer free since. Stopping chemo was almost as scary as starting it. I even asked my oncologist if I could have a few more cycles. Just try and remember your moniker and then BELIEVE that your husband is cured.


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    I stopped one treatment short of 12 and know the feeling of somehow not having fulfilled your goal. There is no magic number of treatments so maybe this is all your husband's body needs. Just think if the chemo is not over it almost is at an end. Something to celebrate!
    Jo Ann
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    Thanks to all of you. I always feel so much better after reading what you all think and have to say. This is a great group of people to have on our side!!!!