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High SUV on PET scan?

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Hello all,
My wife has had a couple of lesions on her liver for several years, with little change. A needle biopsy seven years ago showed them as benign.
Since then, she has had stage 1 grade 9 HER2+ breast cancer. After six months of chemo and a year of Herceptin, her latest PET scan shows increased SUV in both liver lesions. One is 1.5 cm with a SUV of 5.5, and the other is 2 cm with a SUV of 8. Both of these sound very high, but the CAT scan shows no growth, even though the PET shows a little growth.
What are the chances that these are benign?
We see the oncologist in two days, so we'll get answers them, but my poor wife is not dealing well with the news.

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I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your question ,but my husband has 5-7 liver mets from colon cancer and is undergoing chemo now. His mets are malignant but we are hopeful that chemo will shrink to a point where they are able to do a liver resection or radio frequency ablation or cryosurgery. The largest met was around 2.8 .If your wife's turn out not to be benign ( and I pray they are benign) there have been many advances in treating liver tumors so be sure to research all options and talk to her oncologist about them so you are prepared when you go. Keep the faith . Prayers for a successful outcome. God bless.

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