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Lung biopsy confirms mets

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Just got the results of my lung biopsy done on Friday the 13th. Positive for low grade colonic adenocarcinoma as we suspected.Pet scan shows its in my liver also. I wish the Onc had recommended adjuvant chemo therapy as a precaution when I was diagnosed as Stage II in 2005 and just had surgery to remove it. If I only knew then what I know now I would have. Haven't had meeting with Onc to discuss treatment yet, probably in the next week. Feeling kinda blue and lost today. I know a positive outlook is important and I'm working on that. Gray and dreary day here, a little sunshine would help I bet.

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So sorry ,that the results were not good,but we have so many succesful stories on this board, of survivors in your same situation, so don't get discouraged,you could make it too, and don't look to the past, today is what is important now for you, and you need to stay positive. I will never forget my surgeon telling me that 80% of my recovery was going to depend on how positive I was going to be, so please stay strong, and keep us posted.

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Hi -

I am really sorry to hear you have been "re-staged" as Stage IV. That definitely "sucks" (pardon my "French"), but there is hope.

I was diagnosed Stage IV in May 2005 and have been no evidence of disease, based on PET and CT since August 2005 (most recent scans last week). I had 6 cycles of chemo (Xeloda, oxaliplatin and Avastin).

I understand how much you regret past decisions, but from what I understand, adjuvant chemo was not recomended until very recently for Stage II patients. So, try to forget the past and focus on the future.

A great attitude is important. But, I mostly hate that advice because it sort of implies that you are responsible for poor results if your attitude is not good and that is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. Your cancer is NOT your fault!

Let us know what your oncologist recommends and many of us can share our chemo experiences with you. If your doc recommends the 5FU pump, you might ask about about Xeloda (an oral drug that is metabolized into 5FU, with its own side effects, but generally I think less problematic than the 5FU infusion).

Wishing you the best - keep coming back. Bad as this is, the more you know, the easier it is to take the next step.

(Sunshine will help)

Take care,

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Hi. I'm sorry the news wasn't better, but as Betsy says there is still a lot of hope being stage IV. My husband is also stage IV with liver mets. Depending on the location and how many mets etc you have , other options may be viable now or in the future, such as radio freq ablation, cryosurgery, etc. We are hoping for such an option. Research all options and ask your onc questions. My husband is also on the oral xeloda with avastin and oxalplatin. There have been advances in chemo drugs over the past several years and also advances made in treatment of mets. I wish you the best . God Bless

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I wouldn't blame you if you became extremely supersitious. What a day to get that kind of news.
Posting here you may have let other stage ii's know that they need to follow doc's advice and have chemo. There is a lot that can be done now for stage iv colon cancer as others have said.
I see Grand Lake. Are you from OK? Such a beautiful place!
Be sure to let us know what treatment you ond onc decide on next week.
Jo Ann

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I'm sorry to hear about the lung mets (and liver too). Do allow yourself to feel blue -- at least for a little while. I'm a fellow "lung met" gal. I wonder if your surgeon will recommend surgery for the lung met(s)? I had that twice -- followed by chemo both times. I'm currently on FOLFOX + Avastin, following my second lung surgery. Planning to beat this thing -- join me! Best wishes to you.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you on geeting out of the blues. Talk to your doctor and once you get your options think on them and then start the fight again and stay positive!

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I am so sorry that your biopsy confirmed cancer in your lungs. I hope that you will feel better once you have met with your oncologist and have a plan set in place for dealing with these new struggles. There are many here that are living well with a situation similar to yours. Please know that there are many new treatments now that are most sucessful. Please know that you are in my heart and prayers.



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I'm so sorry to hear of your recent news. As other's have said, allow yourself this greiving time and then get ready to kick some cancer butt.

You can't change any decisions or courses of treatment in the past. Even when I was diagnosed, I would not have been offered chemo if I had not had a positive node. Besides, having chemo wouldn't have been any guarantees either. You never know.

One of the strong messages I got from the bood "Beating cancer With Nutrition" by Dr Patrick Quillin was that cancer is often a symptom of a bigger problem. If you don't change the underlying envioronment and problem, cancer can and likely will come back.

I pray for you. As I'm sure you know, there are many success stories here so you also know that you can be one of those.

Take care,


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Very sorry to hear the news. As another with stage II my thoughts and wishes are with you.


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