Another bit of encouragement needed!

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Hi and I know this has been discussed several times before. My hair is thinning, noticably after this weekend (cycle two).

Just curious how many actually lost all your hair versus how many had just thinning during treatment. I'm doing 5FU and oxalplatin. This is a tough time for me right now and the loss of my hair is really bothering me. Should I be looking at wigs? I just thought I would be okay, just thinning, now I'm concerned. Please share your hair experiences with me, it is much appreciated!!


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    Do a search at the top of the screen on hair. We had a big discussion not long ago. Mine just thinned, but I lost a lot of my eyebrows, lashes, facial and nasal hair. Didn't have to shave my legs or underarms for a long time which was a plus. When you are not feeling very well and then you start losing hair, it is very depressing. Keep on fighting. You can do this! I think God wants us to realize just how vain we are.
    What a test!

    Jo Ann
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    Hi there,
    Carl has had 5 treatments of FOLFOX and has had no thinning or loss of any hair on his head at all! Though he did lose the hair on his calves which is interesting.....
    I think from what I have heard and read, thinning rather than total loss is more the norm with this chemo mix. Try and stay positive, this too shall pass.
    Heather and Carl
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    Thinning, yes. I wear cute hats and got my hair cut short. Also, go to "Look Good, Feel Better" and learn about makeup tricks to help with the thinning eyelashes, brows. Hair grows back. In the meantime, treat yourself to some cute hats. If you can't afford them, seek out a Cancer society office or a Gilda's club for support (and hats.) Sounds like you might like a support group too!
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    mine just thinned ...I also bought a few cute hats....and I also cut it off very short...That helped a lot
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    My hair thinned out a bit. I was diagnosed in Oct 6 with Colon Cancer and started chemo in Oct 06, today may be my last series of chemo. About the same time as you my hair started thinning, then it stopped. God bless and hope things work out. Hats and scarves are good things.
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    Hi,I know how you are feeling, because it happenned to me too, in my case I went to one of those wigs salons and tried a couple of them, to be ready just in case, but did not buy any, thank goodness, because what I lost was not enough to make buy a wig, I used to wash my hair everyother day, and I changed to once a week, I didn't loose any of my eyebrows or eyelashes,and to tell you the truth my thinning maybe was a litlle more noticeable because I never had thick of strong hair, I finished chemo about2 months ago, and I can see the new hair growing, and the texture is improving too, so I think for us colon cancer survivors, the chemo that we received will not make us go and buy a wig, that's my personal opinion, so don't worry to much and keep the good fight.