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My mom just found out that her breast cancer has come back. She is only 57 and I am scared to death. My mom has always been the rock of the family and now I am finding that she needs someone else to be her rock. She has only been in remission for 3 years before the cancer came back. I am having a difficult time dealing with all of this. My dad died when I was just 13 and for the longest it has been me and my mom. My sibilings had all moved out and started lives of their own when my dad passed away. I am just now, 13 years later learning to deal with that loss and I am scared that I am going to loose my mom. I am hoping that I can find some support here. My siblings didn't even bother to come and see her the last time she had cancer, so I am guessing that they won't be around this time either. I am really just feeling overwhelmed and I am trying to not let my mom know this.

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Hi. Welcome to the site, although I'm sorry you are here. It's normal to be scared when a serious illness affects a close family member . Try to think positive. Your mom beat it once. We'll pray that she does again. I know it's difficult, but you need to remain strong for your mom. Come here often for support. It's normal to feel overwhelmed in situations such as these. You may also want to post on the breast cancer category for more response. My husband is stage IV colon cancer with liver mets. I usually post under that category, but check the caregivers category quite often as "cancer is cancer" and we all need support. Keep the faith , think positive and although we can't help but worry, realize that worrying doesn't really accomplish anything unfortunately, but it will wear you down and that won't help your mom any. God bless and keep in touch . Don't give up hope or let your mom give up hope either.

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I am so sorry for what you are going through. I too am a caregiver. My husband has colon cancer. The shock of having to deal with news of cancer can be very stressful and overwhelming. We can only take one day at a time and try to stay positive and keep well informed. There are so many positive stories out there and many advances in treatments. I hope you have other people in your life that you can lean on. It helps to talk and this site can be a help with that. My thoughts are with you. Keep the faith!!!

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