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I guess I'm just a dizzy broad!!!

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Still no cause of my dizzy spells...all my blood levels are actually the best they've been since before meeting the beast.

DID have a visual aura the other day....after it was over, I noticed a feeling of released pressure in my left sinus...hummmmmm....maybe the culprit....

During the aura, looked sort of like a disco mirror ball spinning, my client said "Kathi, you have me worried, you need to go home". I said "Well, I can't see right now, so you are stuck"......sigh....ALWAYS have to have a wise remark...hehehehe

Hugs, Kathi

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I haven't read all your posts, but this short note sounds a bit like an ocular migraine. Does taking advil or tylenol help? Go to your PCP or an ophthalmologist and talk to them... it might be an easy thing to fix.. maybe.

Good luck. jana

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I completely agree with Jana. I am a migraine sufferer and the symptoms you are describing are very typical for a migraine. Some people have only symptoms similar to yours and no pain. I'd check with your primary doc, or even a neurologist.(That's who my 10 yr. old daughter and I see for migraines)
Good Luck,

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Hi KathiM
You might consider a stress headach as the problem. I know it may sound strange but you may have one and not know it as far as having pain as in a standard headach. They will effect your vision from seeing aura to total blindness with being dizzy and very elevated blood pressure spikes for periods of time. My friend has these and they put him on blood pressure medication even though he is usually normal.

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What you described sounds similar to what happened to me and friends told me it was an ocular migraine and it turned out to be a retina tear---probably good idea to have it checked by opthamalogist. Good luck.

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Well, Kathi, we all agree. Get your eyes checked to make sure there is not a retinal problem. If not it sounds alot like an atypical migraine problem. Discuss that with your healthcare provider.


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Thank you all!!!!!

I am seeing a ocular surgeon....I SURE don't want anything to obscure my vision of the beast trying to return (hehehehe).

You all are what is so wonderful about this place...so much kind concern!

I will keep you posted....

Hugs, Kathi

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