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Not sure what to do (long)

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My sister in law was diagnosed with a glioblastoma grade 4(brain tumor) just a couple of days after Christmas 2006. She has since had 2 craniotomies, each followed by gamma knife surgery. After which she was on temador and 33 radiation treatments. She has gone from a vibrant woman who was a personal trainer, to a hemiplegic person with aphasia, it is so frustrating for her. Her last surgery was in early February, after which came her physical problems. She seemed to be doing better for almost 2 months and has suddenly taken a bad turn. She had a ct scan and it showed that the tumor had shrunk and there was no enhancement on the xray. We would all like to know what is causing her regression. She is currently in a rehab hospital and is doing nutty things, like trying to get up and walk, even though she can't. They have put a netting around her bed to keep her in. I just don't know what to do anymore. This netting makees her so anxious that they have had to medicate her. But they will not take it down for safety reasons. I am afraid that they will eventually get her up and walking, but she will be dangerous because of her inability to reason. Is anyone else dealing with similiar problems. She is almost like a person with alzheimers, who can sometimes be fine and other times way out there. She has no insurance to cover a nursing home, so when she is able to come home, she will be coming back to us. She is only 52, and this whole situation is heartbreaking for all of us.

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Cross your fingers and say a prayer. Often lately, I believe those not having the disease suffer worse than those who do. They get attention, medication, therapy, etc.... We get the problems of theirs and all their personality changes. Just pray for the strength to do what's best for you and your immediate family (for me that means my kids). I'll be happy to help if I can - we also had no insurance, but it was Stage IV inoperable tonsil cancer. Also - LAUGH!!!!! Find Pixar,Disney, Adam Sandler, whatever - just laugh!!!

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