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CEA Level and Treatment

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My dad is currently on avastin and 5 flu (??). His cea went from 189 in October to 57 in February to 59 in March. We are concerned about this two point increase; however, the oncologist is continuing the treatment. In the past (previous oncolongist), my dad stopped treatment if his cea level rose at all and had a pet scan. This was usually followed by surgery or ablation. Have must of you experienceced the same pattern or did your doctors continue with the treatment despite a rise in cea. If so, did your cea decrease after a slight increase (remained on treatment). Just curious. We will get a new cea reading in about 2 weeks. Cannot wait!! Any info is welcomed. Thanks!

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I cannot help with the CEA question because I was not a marker for me, but keep in mind that the CEA is JUST a marker and there are other things that can cause it to rise. For example, smoking can cause it to rise. I am an ex-smoker.

To help ease the stress and concerns, I would recommend speaking with all doctors involved in your father's care and to make sure that someone takes control of his care and not live it totally in the hands of the doctors.

Ask as many questions as you feel are necessary. Doctors are here to help US which means being available to answer questions whether stupid or not.

Keep us informed

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dont be alarmed at first, just breath and take it all in. i am going through chemo for the second time now for stage iv rectal cancer, i had a clean pet scan and three months later,my cea went up 2 points, my doc was not alarmed and just chalked it up to having no chemo in my system anymore, i let it go and 2 months later my cea went up to 87, dont ignore the numbers make the doctors check the cea if you feel worried, i wish i would have insisted then i may not be going through 12 rounds right now, who knows maybe i would have started chemo sooner had we checked it sooner again. this is just my situation please dont think that it is going to be the same for you. i love to be very positive on this site but sometimes i too find myself not pushing the docs to do what i want when i am worried.

hang in there, praying for you

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