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You were right

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I finally got my test results back and there was a change in my CEA. It dropped from less than one to what the lab termed non-measurable. Stacy, Kathi, Monica, and Betsy you optimists are always going through life with an attitude I find frustrating to understand and at the same time deeply admire. Thank God for people like you! In my career I've seen the worst that people can be and generally I believe that good only wins if it is very very careful. Still I consider myself fortunate in my life even with cancer. Its difficult to see the "glass as half full". However on KathiM's advice I will consider down-sizing the glass. Lou

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Even though I usually relish in the concept of my being "right," I find greater happiness in celebrating the good health of friends!

Keep up the great progress!


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Lou -

So glad to hear the good results. (And believe me - at least speaking for myself - us optimists have our darker moments!

Keep on keeping on - you are obviously doing well,

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Totally agree with Betsy. Great news about your good results! Monica

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Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea!!!

Naked happy dance!!!

We optimists are just those who HATE to lose, you know....nothing more than A-Type personalities...
Make sure the downsized glass is full of something yummy!

Hugs, Kathi

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