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Now that I have your attention...

I wanted to send an invite out to the Washington DC-area SemiColons:

This Friday (the 13th - yeah, I know...) I am having a Going Away/Clean Scans-still NED/Promotion/Meet the Future Mrs. party at Sine Irish Pub in Pentagon Row. Drinks and munchies are on me from 4:30 to 7:30 (the things I have to do to get people to come to my parties). For those of you on Oxaliplatin, we'll also be serving ginger ale at room temp with no ice! And as if that weren't enough to get you there, USAKat will be making a special appearance (that would be the "Meet the Future Mrs." part of the party)!

If you're a SemiColon and in the area - stop on by. Sine is right on the Yellow and Blue lines at the Pentagon City stop. Check the website or drop me a note here for exact directions. It would be great to have a super-mini-Palooza!


- SpongeBob

PS: yep, I had my scopes (plural) yesterday with nary a polyp in sight!

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Party On! Wish I could be there it really sounds like it's going to be fun.

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Wish I was in the DC area, sounds like lots of fun. Free food and drinks usually gets me!
Congrats on the clean scopes! My mom is having a PET tomorrow so keep everything crossed for her. Tell USAKat hello and have a great time. Is your "honeymoon road trip" going to bring you and Kate anywhere near Colorado? Would love to see you guys. We just made an offer on a new house and have plenty of room for guests. Hopefully we get it-keep fingers crossed for that too!
God bless-

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Val, Wish your mom well. Keep the faith

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Sounds like a great time to me. Too bad I'm a New Yorker! Think we'll all be there in spirit!. Enjoy and congrats on the scope news. All the best for a bright future . God Bless

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Dang, Bob.....that sure sounds like fun! Friday is not enough time to get my plane reservations!

Have a wonderful time.


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I sure wish we lived closer. Sounds like a great party!!!

Great news on your scopes. It is always good to hear good news and see that life goes on!!!! Enjoy yours!

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Geez, Bob, LAST year at this time we were in DC celebrating our 25th! Sorry we won't be there (probably shoveling snow up here then), but wishing you many years of health and happiness together. I will be drinking my contrast that morning for my CT scan (I get a bye on the barium stuff) so I'll raise a glass of gastrograffen to you. My best to you both, Judy
Dinner's on me next time in Bean town.

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Oh, dad...wish I could be there!!!!!

I'm still having these 'spells', at one point had a visual aura. At the time, I scared a gal so badly...she said "Please go home" I said "Sorry, can't see to drive"...hehehehe....I can't imagine getting on a plane...

BUT my good thoughts are there...although I have already Met the Future Mrs. I am sending my biggest, warmest hugs....

Hugs, Kathi

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