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Semi-Good News

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Hi all. Well, I had my onc. appointment today and got the results of my petscan and it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear but also not the worst. I guess there was a small lymph node that was a centimeter bigger than it should be and also my CA125 went from 14 to 16 which she said is not really significant but she said that the hexalen was working so well that she wants to continue with it but she is giving me a two month break since it was making me pretty sick and then she may decrease the dosage and length of time taking it to see if I can tolerate it better that way in two months. So I guess I get a two month break but still have to deal with it later. I know I should be thanking God for this but I was just so dissappointed that it wasn't a complete remission. So I just wanted to keep you nice ladies updated on that. She also mentioned possibly using Doxol? Can anyone tell me their experiences with that drug? Thank you for listening to me and for any information you can give me.

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Polly, Sorry that lymph node showed up a bit larger, but maybe it's not from the cancer, one can remain hopefull. The rest of news is awesome, a ca125 of 16 is great then add a chemo break. I am glad your Dr has long range plans for you. I have been on doxil and did get the hand/foot syndrym but followed all the rules and made it through all the treatments. It gave me a 3 month chemo break and for me that seems to be a pretty good break. Praying for a complete remission for you yet and for you to continue to feel God's presence in your life.

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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What a great time of year to get a chemo break! I hope you can enjoy your time, soak up the sunshine and warm weather and be refreshed and ready to go for your next treatment! As Bonnie said, 16 is a good number and we will pray that the lymph node is irritated from something else. Good luck!

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I echo everyone's sentiments! Focus on your break and great numbers. The rest will take care of itself later. Enjoy life, and we'll be praying that your numbers stabilize or go down and that you sustain good health!

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Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers. I am thankful for the break I'm getting and am going to try my hardest to enjoy this time and not worry about the future. That is my downfall. I think too far ahead. Thanks again for your prayers.

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This is truly great news!!! I'm so excited for you, this is a beautiful time of year for a break. I have been on 6 cycles of Doxil,tolerated it well,,,because I followed all the rules..and it gave me a 13 month remission. If you have to go back on chemo,Doxil is a good choice.

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