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jerseysue Member Posts: 624
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Check out Scouty and JaDot on the home page. Two mighty fine looking women!


  • scouty
    scouty Member Posts: 1,965
    Crack me up Sue,

    That photo was taken at CP2 in Vegas Oct of 2005 and due to some severly damaged chemo hair, I had it all cut off and it was just starting to grow back out. I laugh and rejoice everytime I see those photos. They kind of remind me of just starting to realize I just might not die from this cancer and was feeling like a tulip blooming in the early spring.

    It was a great time but seems like light years ago now. The coolest think is IT CAN BE DONE, YOU CAN BEAT THIS **** DISEASE!!!!!!!!

    Hey Ying, how bout a photo without a hat and looking so healthy??????? heh heh....

    Lisa P.
  • JADot
    JADot Member Posts: 709
    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for noticing.

    There's a story behind that picture.

    It was taken on the Sunday July 23, 2006, 3 days after my last Folfox run. You may recall, it was also the last day of Tour de France. I planned an end-of-chemo bike ride that day with a few friends' support. I was also sporting my new bike, a Trek Madone in the US Postal Service red white and blue, the team bike that Lance Armstrong rode in 2004 and won his 6th Tour.

    That picture was taken just after we saw Floyd Landis win the Tour after a dramatic come back, with a dead hip. For all of us who have faced adversity and yet found the strength to fight on and win, that was quite the moment to behold. Also, imagine our grand ol' flag raised yet again over Paris, for 8 years in a row, to celebrate yet another American victory!

    The stage was perfectly set for my personal moment of triumph - well, nearly perfectly :-) That day turned out to be the hottest day in CA since they began to keep records. The thermometer in my backyard registered 125F. On the road, with all the reflected heat, it must have been even hotter than that. We rode 40 miles, with me taking very frequent stops to catch my breath. But, hey, I finished. My friends and I sat in my pool for 5 hours afterwards to cool off, with endless rounds of watermelon. It's a day which I'll never forget. I also learned that on a day like that you find out who your real friends are. You can see a picture of my friends who rode with me that day on my personal web page.

    And yes, like Scouty said, cancer can be beat and we are all living proof of it.

    Hey scouty, ya know, a bike helmet is the best thing for bad hair days :-)

    And for all of you guys who are still on chemo, may be you too want to plan on getting yourself a special gift to celebrate the end of chemo, and the first day to the rest of your life.