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Another reocurrence doubt...

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-Why is that CT Scan miss cancer and you can confirm with a PET Scan?
-How long of a remission can I expect (if so)after treating 1st reocurrence?
-My Mom's actual CA 125 is 30.2 (with in a range of 0 to 21), does that give any pronostic factor?
I'm waiting for the Dr. to call.. I`ll keep you updated. Liz

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Hi Liz, Congrats on birth of your baby! I've been away a couple weeks and see that the cancer has returned to your Mom, and hope that by now you have been given a treatment option by the docs.

Pet scan identifies fast growing cells throughout the body. Ct takes pictures. Human has to identify the cancer growth or read the CT.

I think that every person is different with the amount of time in remission. I recurred after 3and 1/2 years, again after 6 mos. and now, every few months. The last ct showed cancer on the liver, near the aorta, and throughout the abdomen. The standard doses of Doxil, Topotecan, Gemzar, Oral Hexalen, are not clinical trials. As far as I know, ovarian cancer recurrance does not have any drugs in clinical trial. These chemos mentioned are not as hard to take as the first time around, and usually go to work fairly fast. It is the length of the remission that varies so much. I had numbers go down from 50 to 18 after only 4 weeks of treatment with topotecan and then start creeping back up in the twenties already at only 10 weeks. I will continue to take the treatments and feel good that the cancer is not growing rapidly. Managing the disease or dealing with a chronic illness, is probably the view I'm taking now. I really want to stick around to watch my grandbaby grow up, so I hope that new meds will come on the market soon. So, there is a protocol for treating ovarian cancer and this should hold true in Mexico. You are seeing an oncologist, yes?
The other question about ca 125 ...everyone has their own "normal range". Mine is 8 or below. But I am not suffering with it elevated to 25, tho I know the cancer is there now. Everyone is different and your Mom will find her norm. I hope that she is not in pain and will have a doctor to help her manage that aspect too. The advice given to me was, 'don't be stoic, if you need pain meds, take them as part of the therapy.'

I feel terrible for what you must be going through and can only suggest that you live in the moment and enjoy the time you have. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy life at in it's fullest expression. My Dad said before he passed away, "it's all about love"
You are in my prayers.

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Paula tks for your answers. Yes my Mom is seeing any Onc. I spoke to him yesterday and he mentioned something about and oral drug allthough he did not say wich one. I suggested surgery he said ..good question and to call him today because he was going to analize the Pet Scan. But arenpt oral drugs less agressive than IV drugs. I want the most aggressive approach according to her age and condition. I was hoping for her to have her 1st remission like yours 3 or 4 years then deal with this again, not a few months after. Tell me something... remissions after the 1st one are never long right.. I have the idea that the 1st remission is the longest you can have according to what I've read.
I understand Doxil, Topotecan and Gezmar are IV drugs right???

Tks for you help... God bless you with a good outcome on your treatments. LIZ

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Dear Liz, The cancer has to be measurable to show on a ctscan and can be microscopic to show on a petscan. And know that even with a recurrence people can have long remissions. I just met a lady who the first 4 years had several recurrences, but now has been in remission for 11 years. You just never know. A ca125 of 30 is pretty good and the next round of treatments should take of it.

Sending lots of prayers your way. Bonnie

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Bonnie once again tks for taking the time to answer. I did not know of anyone who had recurrences and finally a long remission, I guess with cancer you never know, that is what makes it so horrible you live on a constant rollercoaster. Prayers to you too. Liz

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