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Update - good news

impactzone Member Posts: 538
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Hello all. Her is a quick history: dx stage 4 colon cancer on 8/28/06. Colon surgery on 9/1/2006 removed 21 nodes, 1 positive. I had a CEA of 17. I had a 3 cm tumor located in right posterior lobe of the liver, by CT and PET. I went on 6 months of chemo (xeloda, erbitux, oxyliplatin) interrupted by a Thanksgiving pulmonary embolism where I was hospitalized. I still do lovenox injections 2X per day. The tumor shrank and going into liver surgery Wed 2/28/07, I had a CEA of less than 1.0 and nothing showed on PET. I completed liver surgery and recovery and had a CT on 4/3/07. Blood work shows CEA of less than 1 and nothing on CT. The Dr.'s at Stanford want to have me go 3 cycles on xeloda, Oxy and avastin. There has been many people here with good news so I wanted to share mine. I found this site and good news both helpful and reassuring. There is a good article in this weeks' Newsweek by Jonathon Alter about living with cancer. Everything he wrote about, I felt.
Good luck all and keep the spirits up.


  • KathiM
    KathiM Member Posts: 8,028


    One question, I have a 'patient partner' on xeloda (and rads) as a pre-treat before surgery. She was fine for the first 4 weeks (M-F), but now she is suffering from abdominal cramping. Onc says just part of the course, but has her on pain killers, Immodium, and added Ativan for calming....any thoughts nutritionally that help (I was not on xeloda...just 5FU infusion) I could pass along?

    Hugs, Kathi
  • jerseysue
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    Great news!
  • StacyGleaso
    StacyGleaso Member Posts: 1,233

    You know, taking the time to update everyone is WONDERFUL, and I'm glad you took the time to do that for us.

    Keep up the great progress!