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In November of 2005 I had surgery for a malignant tumor attached to the right side of my colon. I had half of my colon removed, the tumor (baseball sized) removed, 29 lymph nodes, appendix and gallbladder removed. I started chemo approx 7 weeks after my surgery. I was scheduled for 12 chemo infusions. I also had a port-a-cath installed in my upper chest region for my infusions. I was given Avastin, Oxliplatin, 5FU and Lecouvorian on my chemo infusions once every 2 weeks. On my 11th chemo infusion I suffered a severe allergic reaction to the drug oxaliplatin.I went into anaphylactic shock and had to be resuscitated and loss consciousness and had to be revived by a doctor that was on site where I was having my chemo infusions. Since this has happened my feet and hands have been almost totally numb with my oes feeling very cold on both feet. My memory (short term)has been getting gradually worse or so I am told. My family and friends and co-workerws have all expressed their concerns to me about it. This coming Monday I am having an EEG done on my brain as they have already done a contrast dye MRI on my brain and it did show what is called UBO white spots on my brain. I am just asking if anyone out there has experienced and allergic reactions to oxliplatin to this severity?


  • AveriRN
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    Hi, sorry to hear about your reactions. I took Oxaliplatin as well. I had 14 rounds of Oxa, 5FU, Leucovorin. I had neuropathy in feet, ankles, hands but that resolved within a couple months of finishing that chemo. I can relate to the memory problems. I have had such a drastic decline in ability to remember things. I have constantly been saying my chemo did something to my head to my family, especially my children. They get very frustrated when I ask them something and 2-3 mins later I am asking the same thing. My daughter even said to me one day, "You don't remember anything anymore!" (she is 11). I think they sometimes think I am just not paying attention to them and I try to tell them that I honestly can't remember talking to them about something or asking them something. I never thought of having a test to see if something had truely changed. After your EEG please post again with your results. I am very interested in hearing what the outcome is. So many times I try to tell friends/others about how I can't remember anything and the usual response is, "I do that alot of times, too." I don't think they really understand the severity of it. Just the other day, my hubby went to p/u daughter from school and I watched him get in car with our little dacshund (he said he was gonna take him for a ride.) not 5 mins after he left, I am out in yard calling his name, walking up and down the street(nearly in tears)thinking he had gotten out of the gate. I was out there probably 15 mins when hubby met me up the street and said, "Please don't tell me your looking for Charley." I said yes. He just couldn't believe that I forgot that quick. I hope everything turns out ok with you. God Bless and have a wonder Easter celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Sincerely, Averi
  • KathiM
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    I was on a much shorter regime with Carboplatin. I then was given Taxol as part of my breast cancer that followed. Mild allergic reaction, infusion was slowed to the place that it took all day....

    Chemo brain is alive and well. For me, anyway. My short-term memory just sort of gives up on occasion. I used to stress about it, which make it worse. My stepson said that the best thing to do is stop trying to remember, and then it will come to you. This works for me....if I forget something mid-sentence, I just laugh and say "My chemo brain stopped", and go on....

    Right after treatment, I made lists of things. It helped to write it down, and be able to see it...this has gotten better...I'm about 1 year post any treatment....

    Sending good, strong, healthy memeory vibes to you!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • va1956
    va1956 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for replying and I will keep you posted when I have my EEG this coming Monday.
  • va1956
    va1956 Member Posts: 6
    I had my EEG Monday morning and got my results back early Tuesday. Everything came back normal and believe me it was a big relief for me. I will have some cognitive testing with a neuro psycholigist in about 2 weeks. The neuroligist explained to me that when you have chemo it is like an atomic bomb going off inside in your body and it affects everyone differently. I am just glad that I am done with chemo and hopefully my memory and cognitive skills will return to where I was before.