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My heart goes out to everyone...my mother was 50 years old she wasn't feeling very well for a while. She went to the ER one Friday afternoon and was admitted, thought is was stones or something, after doing some tests...and more tests they concluded she had ovarian cancer. They talked about some other testing and even treatment but they still had to do more test, as they weren't fully sure of anything it seamed. I was able to spend just over a week with my mom in the hospital, so unsure of what was going on. My wonderful mother passed away on March 2nd 2007...17 days after being told she had cancer. Ovarian being the primary and esophogeal secondary. It was the hardest thing to have ever gone through, we were all there with her. I have children of my own and I am so scared for them. I think this is the first I have really cried. My thoughts are with all of you.

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Please let me say that I am very sorry about your Mother. Just this week my beloved aunt has had the same symtoms for the past 2 weeks she was told at first that it was a bladder or kiddney stones, but after suffering for a week she has just went back to the doctors and they have found a mass. She has seen a specialist and they are wanting to do surgery and chemo right way. I don't know what to do she is only 54! I myself have had a hystorectomy 7 years ago and I am very glad that I decided to have both of my ovaries removed. I just wish that the doctors would have done the same for my aunt when she had her's 17 years ago. Then she and our family would not have to go through this! I am very sorry that you have lost your mother. Thank you for letting me get some of this off of my chest. I pray that they find a cure for this terrible cancer!

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Our thoughts are with you as well. I don't know why you are scared for you children, but I can assume, I suppose, that you think they might get cancer as well.

If you want to allay your fears, begin with screening for yourself and your spouse, so that your children do not have to experience what you have experienced, at least not in such a dramatic fashion.

Take care of yourselves. The rest will take care of ITSELF.

In the meantime, my sympathies again. If you need some solace and cannot find it elsewhere, try the chat thing on this site. It really helps.

Take care. Live and laugh, my friend. Enjoy it all.

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