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lower back pain

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For all aml or cancer patients. If you recently
had chemo and have lower back pain please have your dr. check for septic discitis. My father had this symptom and was never checked and then
it turned into septic shock. I knew my father
would have wanted me to tell others to prevent this from spreading. He passed away on 3-23-07.
I will use this site to help others through their
journey and I have done alot of research to share with others. God Bless You all!
Positive now.

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Thank you. I just lost a friend right before Christmas. She had lower back pain for months and had been fighting the cancer for years. No one ever said anything about septic discitis. Thank you for telling everyone hopefully your message will help others. Bless you.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the warning about this symptom. Your dad would be so proud of you for reaching out to others on his behalf. May your best memories of your dad give you comfort and peace.

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Dear Positive, I'm sorry to hear about your dad and I'm glad you are strong enuf to help us even tho u r grieving. YOu are a good person and we will surly heed your advise. Thank you for caring and for sharing!!
God Bless,

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Thank you for that info. My dear Dad is battling AML and had lower back pain in the hospital, he was on lots of antibiotics for pnemonia and fever but I wonder if thats what he had and the antibiotics got to it. If it happens again with the next round I will ask the Doc, he goes in next week for round two of chemo, very nervous, it was hell the first time. I wish you all the best.AML sucks ! Livestrong !
ps..do you know what caused the septic disc?

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