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Today I am celebrating 7 years cancer free. When I was diagnosed with stage IIb cancer my mom was also being treated for a recurrence of stage 1 ovarian cancer. My mom lost her battle after 11 years and 4 recurences. I have stayed in remission since my 1st. This cancer doesn't make sense as to who will survive long term and who won't but I am proof that we do survive! Those of you who are still battling ... there is HOPE! I pray everyday that more of us will be able to say that we are long term survivors. My prayers and hugs are with all of you brave and wonderful women on this board!

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Jami, YIPPEE!!!!!!!! And, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wow, what a marvelous milestone! You certainly do show the rest of us HOPE! To me, that is about the biggest thing we are offered in this battle against this horrific disease! I hope you and your family are going to have a party! Please keep 'being' there for the rest of us. With love and gratitude, MichaelaMarie

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What wonderful news, 7 years and still going. I'm going to call you the energizer bunny for now on. I look forward to hearing you cheer when it has been 7 more also. Bonnie

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That is wonderful news...and boy did I need to hear that I have lost 2 friends just this week to the monster, and was in need of good news....celebrate life..you so deserve it!!! (((hugz)))..Joanne

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! I'm so happy for you! And what timing to give so many here inspiration and hope. You're right, one never knows who will have years and years to celebrate. That's why we must savor the moment and do the best we can with what we're given.

Thank you for sharing your celebration with us. It does my heart good.

Love and hugs and prayers!

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That is truly good news! I needed to hear that since I'm now waiting on the results of my petscan to see where life takes me next. I thank God for you and it is so good to hear good news on here to give us all a boost. I hope you have continued good health.

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That is great, I envy you so much.. my Mom is suffering recurrence of stage IIIB and I'm devastated. Just today I was chating with a Stage IIIc lady who hasn't had a recurrence since 2001. Incredible. It's amazing that your Mom did have a recurrence I you haven't. What treatment did she recieve?
Congrads to you, may you enjoy many more.

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Jami, You KNOW I'm very happy for you, too! This is so good to hear, and I know you'll continue to take care of yourself and will enjoy good health for a long time.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family, as I plan to have with mine.

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Thank you to all of you for your comments and love. I hope all of you enjoy a Happy Easter with your loved ones!
Hugs and Prayers for all.

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Thank You Jamie, for sharing your news, and your Mom's. You show us how different each of our situations can and will be. Thank you for the Hope!

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