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Osteosarcoma of the Orbit (eye socket)

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I have been diagnosed with ostosarcoma of the left orbit. (eye socket) I am on adriamycin, cisplatin and methotrexate. The doctors also want me to have surgery which I am terrified of. The surgeon also wants to do a skin graft on my arm which is going to cause loss of function in that arm. And they will be doing resection also. Is there anyone out there that has had this type of surgery? I would like to hear from them. anitahaynes9@aol.com

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I was just told I have a chance of getting osteosarcoma in my right eye socket... could you please tell me what happened in your situation? Thank you

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Hi Anita,

This tumor in this location is very rare, but there is one member of the Adult Bone Cancer Survivors group who had osteosarcoma at the orbit. Her story is here:


I hope that you have recovered well since your surgery.

Much hope,

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