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I'm so excited my reversal is scheduled for Thursday April 12th! Those that had reversals what am I in for? How long does it take to heal? My sister read on the internet that taking Avastin can have an effect on healing? The surgeon didn't think much of that information. We decided to do Avastin every 2 weeks for a year to see if that keeps the cancer from returning. It's a protocol that they seem to be doing lately so I said lets go for it. I'm nervous but SO EXCITED!

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So glad to hear you are doing so well!!!

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That sounds great to get it done. However, I would be very careful about doing it without being off the Avastin for a sufficient time. The main rationale for using Avastin in chemo is that it blocks new capillary blood vessel formation. You need that in the healing process. It can cause bleeding. Ask your surgeon how much experience he/she has had in doing surgery when the patient is on or has been on Avastin.


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I have read on this site many times that people have to wait 6 weeks or so before or after surgery when using Avastin. I know I started all of my other chemo after my surgery and then Avastin was added later.
Jo Ann

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Sue - it is great news that you are going to have the surgery you want. However, for once the internet is right. Avastin has an effect on healing and you should be off it for 4-6 weeks before having surgery. When I had my original colon surgery, we waited 6 weeks to start chemo (and then added Avastin last during the 7th week).

I know how much you want this surgery, I think you should ask your surgeon if he/she has considered the Avastin angle. I might be totally mis-remembering, but I think you said earlier that your oncologist was not so hot on a reversal - if I do correctly remember this, maybe that was due to the Avastin?

I wish you the best but I think I would recommend one more conversation with these docs to make sure you are ready to proceed.

Best wishes,

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I can imagine the smile from here Sue. I know that it means a lot to you to be able to have the reversal. On the same day Mieka will be having her MRI. We will be thinking of you. Praying all goes well.
Huggs, Ross n Jen
ps....thanks for your support....Jen and "Micky" are doing ok at the moment.

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Hi Sue . I can certainly understand your excitement! That's great. I do know that my husband could not take Avastin until 6 weeks after his resection, as Avastin can cause bleeding in something that is not healed, but I don't know enough about a reversal procedure to give any advice. I still believe in being your own advocate, so I agree about doublechecking on the avastin. Good Luck & God Bless.

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A special Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea for you!!!!

My resection came complete with reversal (hehehehe....never had a redirect....)
Although I have heard that you need to be patient, that organ hasn't had to work for a while...so expect a few 'bumps' in the road while it's trying to get back on board!

Hugs and naked dancing to you, dearheart!

Hugs, kathi

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Hi Sue: I'm very happy about your reversal, but I agree with everyone else about the Avastin. I have had personal experience on this issue. I ended up hospitalized twice because of the healing properties of Avastin. I had surgery January 19, 2006, started Avastin approximately 8 weeks later (if not a little longer), and I had an infection. Tried it again because I didn't believe that Avastin had caused the infection, and guess what?, two days after the infusion I was hospitalized yet again. I also have a friend that had the same thing happen to her last month, and she had her surgery in October. I say go ahead with the reversal, but put off Avastin until you are healed. Monica

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Hey girlfriend!!!

I agree with the others about how Avastin can impact bleeding and healing BUT I think you have done your homework about it all and understand the ramifications. I would rather you wait a month to let your red blood cells recoup but that is all I will say about that. It is your decision.

Now about the reversal, get some Depends, the ole sphincter is a muscle and will have to be retrained. You WILL leak so better to do it in the depends instead of your panties. Be ready to be patient, it takes months for everything to get back where it was (I had my colostomy for 2 1/2 years and had it reversed last Jan and still have a few minor issues, so patience is key and trust me, it is never the way it was before and never will be. Also be prepared for gas like you never had before. Dick can probably explain why we have more after having part of our colons removed but it can be embarrassing when you can't control it. Differentiating between gas and the "real" thing will also take time so all the more reason to wear the Depends.

Expect "explosive" diarrhea attacks when you get home. I pooped in my pants a few times a week for quite a while until I recognized the symptoms. I learned that once they started just to get a book and stay "on the pot".

Take a pack of chewing gum with you to the hospital. Kanort from here sent me an article about a few studies that showed chewing it helps to "wake" up the sleeping colon so you can go home sooner. It worked for me.

If you want to know more, let me know and I will share more about my experience.

Hugs and kisses,

Lisa P.

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Congrats on your reversal. go forth and bear good poop.

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hi sue,
great news !!!!!
first i have no knowledge about avastin, so i can't help you there. as for the reversal, i had mine about 3-4 months after my colon surgery. i was in the hospital about 3 days until i started to pass gas. i went home and the next day i felt gas and i didn't think i was going to have a movement and guess what i did made a mess. if you feel gas get to the bathroom just to make sure.
second the surgery is a lot easier than the first, recoop time is less. third and the most important at least in my case is don't pick up anything for a while. i had a hernia where the resection was and it had to be fixed 2 times so far so please don't over do it and start lifting. i had the latest hernia surgery in dec 06 and it was the size of a basketball(no kidding). your stomach muscles will be weak for a while. good luck on the surgery !!!
be well
and never,ever give up !!!!!!!
bruce (jersey boy)
ps where in jersey do you live ???

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Thanks for the information. I grew up in Jersey City New Jersey. My family all moved down the shore. My parents are in Toms River and my brother and sisters are in the smaller areas down there.

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