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No More Treatment!!!

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Joined: Aug 2006

Hi All:

Well, all of my prayers have been answered. Went to my Oncologist yesterday for ct scan results. The cancer that I had is DEAD. Very small spots left that could barely be seen on the ct scan. I was told that it was probably scar tissue. I can't believe I made it through this.

I was diagnosed on August 16, 2006 with Stage IV Colon Cancer. Surgery and six months of chemo and now DEAD CANCER. I cannot even describe how I feel.

There is HOPE and NEVER give up as I wanted to. I am in the clear and have no more treatments. Of course, I will have pet scans and ct scans every two months but I WILL NOT let this cancer back in.

I pray for each and everyone who is going through this or has a family member going through this.


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Wooo hoooo!!!!!

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Wonderful news, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Have you considered joining us in Nashville, TN this September for the reunion party? You should, you'll have a great time. We'll be celebrating those who are "newly NED," "NED for a while now," "actively getting treatment towards NED," and those supporting everyone along the way.

It's a great inspiring way to celebrate your NEW HEALTH!!!

Best wishes for many many more to come!


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We just love to hear wonderful news like yours. Go out and celebrate!


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Joined: Oct 2006

So glad to hear the wonderful news!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy life!
God bless-

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Joined: Jan 2004

Hi Annie,

Congratulations! What a victory!!



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Joined: Oct 2005

Wonderful news! Keep the NEDs coming!

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Joined: May 2006

This subject line is an adrenaline rush! WOW!

I have a funny story for you. When my granddaughter was about 2 and a half, after numerous Christmas celebrations with presents for her, of course, she was told there were no more presents, when she wanted another one,
(Those of you who have experience with 2 year olds can relate.) She put her hand to her forehead and yelled, "NO MORE PRESENTS!!" and promptly threw herself to the floor in full tantrum. The entire family was there and witnessed this, and we laughed so hard. My mother took Maggie aside and explained about there being "no more". Before they finished their talk, they were saying "No more turkey! BooHoo No more decorations! BoooHooo No more etc., putting their hand on their foreheads and laughing.
We still carry on the tradition of No more Christmas presents! at the end of our unwrapping.
So NO MORE TREATMENT!!! sounds like a like a wonderful new slogan.
Jo Ann

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Well done Annie. Too often we unfortunately meet others here who have been afflicted and have only the knowledge that cancer might kill them. Stories like yours are here for those that have been plagued by thoughts of the worst outcomes. You and others give those still in fear the inspiration to fight on.
Now go out and treat yourself to something special....you deserve to be rewarded!
Good on yah gal....huggs, Ross n Jen

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Terrific news calls for a WOOOHOOO! That's great Annie and gives so much hope for all. I tell my husband all these good news posts so he will keep the faith . When one wins, we all win . God Bless & Keep well! Celebrate!! Diane

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Joined: Apr 2007

Excellent, Annie!!! I'm so happy for you!! And yes, it is stories like yours that those of us just starting on the 6 month treatment plan, get the inspiration we need. I am on Chemo (Oxaliplatin/5FU/Leucovorin) Session #2 this week and must say, today is a "yucky day" :/ I woke up and had literally no energy... this must be the chemo fatigue (?) people talk about, but is the first bout I experienced. So it looks like each session is going to throw something new at me ;)

Weeeeeeee!!! So that is why it is so good to hear from you that you made it through and with excellent results!!


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PLEASE don't anyone give up. I was told 8 months ago that I might have 6 months to live. Well I fought it and I WON. 6 months of chemo, but it was well worth it. I cannot even express how I feel. I actually went out to dinner with my husband to celebrate and had TWO cocktails!!! It can be done. If I did it, anyone can.



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Great news Annie and go celebrate lots in the future. Also relax and let your bod heal from all you have been thru.

I am smiling big time with all the wonderful news we have heard this week. AND I fully expect the good news to continue.

Lisa P.

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