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CT Scan Results

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The news is GREAT!!! Completely Clear!!! Doing the happy dance in Canada on a cold and rainy afternoon. Thanks again for all your help. Persistance paid off. My Father has called the clinic 2ce a day since Monday and finally we got the news.

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I'm so happy for you!! Such a relief! Now go celebrate in some way, I don't know if he is naked but, NED is ready to step out tonight!!
Jo Ann

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Congrats for the great news,enjoy life.

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Great news. Am very happy for your Dad and you. Yes, persistance is a big key! There is a quote that I learned a long time ago and I am often reminded of it, especially these days... In the struggle between the rock and the stream , the stream always wins, not through strength, but through persistance! God Bless & go celebrate.

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Great news, Paula.

I am sorry it took such persistence to get the results, but it's wonderful to hear the news.


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Paula - such great news! I'm so happy for you and your Dad. I'll bet you're both doing quite the jig - no matter how cold and rainy! Kate

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Great news!! I love to hear that! Sorry you had to wait so long for the good news, but it was worth the wait, right? Now go enjoy life and live it to the fullest!! Give your Dad a big hug!


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That's wonderful news. It's a great relief for your family and those of us who have been following your story. Your father is very lucky to have you as an advocate. Don't be afraid to keep pushing for what is your right- good and compassionate care. Once he has his surgery he has an excellent chance of remaining NED.


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Doing the Happy Dance with you and your family.
Enjoy the good news.
God bless,

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Congratulations, Paula!!! What great news. I'm so glad you finally got such a great report!



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