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Terrible news

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I just recieved my Mom's PET report. Cancer is back and it is in various areas, we haven't seen the Dr. yet but what I can read sounds bad. What kind of standard treatment comes after you recieved carboplat and bristaxol?
What I understand is that it is around her liver and diaphragm, it says solid lesions (we are talking about macroscopic cancer again), some adyecent to colon and stomach and something else the rectum. I want to ask the Dr. if she can have a debulking surgery before chemo...although at her age (75) I'm not sure. This should be a wonderful time for me since a have a 17 day old baby boy, and now this. I'm my Mom's caregiver and now this will be very tough. Please pray hard for us my Mom, Husband, Baby and Me. Liz

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Oh, Liz, my heart is breaking for you! This should be the happiest time of your life! But, you haven't gotten to talk to the doctor yet, so try to wait, and he could possibly offer hope....that is the most important thing that we all want and need. I am wondering how you get to see the PET report before your mother's doctor shows you? I have never had that happen, so am surprised. I always have to go for the very dreaded office visit, look at his face, and get the report from him. And, I must say that you are smarter than me, as I'm sure I wouldn't understand half of what you've reported to us. I think I may have answered my own question, you do live in Mexico, right? I'm sure the doctors there have a different protocol than the ones here. Have you found out what her CA-125 number is? Our doctors consider it very powerful information, especially relative to what the number was before, etc. I'm sorry but I don't remember when she was originally diagnosed, and what stage she was. I was Stage 111C at original surgery and have had two recurrences since 2004. Many of the women on this site have used a whole list of different drugs, so will know more about that. The drug, Gemzar, failed with me, and with most others too. Anyway, we all will be thinking about you, and praying for you and for your mother. I bet that baby boy will give her the necessary encouragement to fight this horrific disease!!!! Take care of yourself too, Liz. Our prayers and love, MichaelaMarie aka Keelie.

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HI Keelie. tks for posting back. My Mom was originally dx stage IIIb Oct 2005 had 6 chemos, sls, then 2 more chemos, then consideren NED. I truely hoped she was going to be of the ones they stayed NED for a long time, silly me. I¡m still waiting for her CA 125 results. I`ll let you know. So you think there is hope after a recurrence.
In what month of 2004 were you dx? Were was your recurrance located? With what were you treated? We live in Mexico so I`m considered if they have the best drugs you use in the U.S.A. Tks for your prayers. Liz

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I'm so sorry to hear this news..you should be enjoying your new son, as should your Mom. Is this recurrence within 6 months of the original carbo/taxol?? If so, then they might start her out with Doxil, Topotecan,Gemzar as well as many others. I had my first recurrence 2 months after my original carbo/taxol. I had a sls and colostomy reversal. My Onc could visably see more cancer as well as all my biopsis came back positive. I was put on Doxil...a easy to tolerate chemo..it also gave me 13 months remission. Then I started on Gemzar(I am currently on this) I have found it also easy to tolerate, and after 6 tx my ca-125 is in the normal zone of 21.9!!! I'm telling you all this for two reasons..there is hope after a recurrence,some people tx it as a chronic disease....get better for awhile then go back on another chemo for a while. Also reason 2 is I have found that these last tow chemo's (doxil and gemzar) so much easier on me than carbo/taxol. Less bone pain,nausea, and weakness alot less!!!! I feel normal most of the time. So hang in there and don't give up..keep the faith..I will be praying for you and your precious mom!!! (((hugs-z)))...Joanne

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Hi Joanne.. thank you for answering back. When were you dx? What was your original stage? My Mom's sls was in May 2005 and last chemo was in July 2005(Dr. considered her in complete remmission since May, wich sounds odd to me)so that would make this a recurrance after 10 months. Have you had more than 1 recurrances? Were was your recurrance located? So you think there is still hope after a recurrance?
Tks for your good wishes.


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I'm sorry you couldn't get better news. But as Keelie said, you really don't have all the details yet from the doctor. There are so many other treatments that can be used. Of course, a lot will depend on what your mom wants. My doctor always says it's more than just chemo and treatment and surgery - it's quality of life. He tries to do what he can to subdue all the side affects, etc. so a person can at least have quality. So, keep that in mind when your mom makes her decision. No matter which chemo, there are other medications to help the side affects to make it easier for her.

Our love, hugs and prayers to you and your family. Try to enjoy this Easter with the hope of new life and the birth of spring. Enjoy your son and mom's company as much you can. It's good for her too. And let us know what the doctor tells you. We're all here for you.

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Hi Monika.. I`m so sad, I was hoping the pain was related to what you were feeling. And after a CT Scan the end of January, chest X-rays, CA 125, Mastograpy then an ultrasound mid january erew liver, pancreas, gallbladder etc was o.k. I was thrilled and then this. I can`t believe cancer can hide like that and from 1 month or 2 away turn up. Tk God my Mom is very optimistic, strong, with lots of faith and calm as can be(a true example to me and others. She is willing to do what ever it takes so she can enjoy more time with her grandson. So I think we are looking for quantity for now. I`ll let you know what the Dr. says. Liz

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I'm so sorry to hear your news. And you will be in my prayers. Mopar brings up an important point. When my onc first talked to me about quantity of life versus quality of life, I thought he was giving up on me. But he was pointing out that at 60 I have no control over quantity, but I DO have control of quality, and that the decisions are mine. I recently had a recurrence removed from my diaghram by RFA, radio-frequency ablation, and did quite well with both that and the colostomy. I've no doubt that a brand new little person in your mother's life will give her great pleasure and hope, no matter what the course of treatment will be.My daughter just gave me a fourth grandson and I fell in love with him just like the others. I can still sit and sew and make little pj's and quilts and things. What a blessing!!! Laura

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