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Hi all,

Happy to report that the CT done a week ago shows no evidence of disease. I'm glad that I can add that to the other reports we have been getting lately of NED.
One note of caution as to why one should get the actual reports and have an advocate. The original report indicated that there were two small spots in the liver and consider an MRI. I called one of the radiologists in the group and advised him that I have had spots in the liver right along and why wasn't a comparison done at the time with the previous 3 scans. It was done then and the final report indicates they are stable thus indicating that they are benign.


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hey dick,
congrats on being ned.
go celebrate !!!!!!
be well my friend.
never,ever give up !!!

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CONGRATS!!! Its a great day to dance with NED :)

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Right on about the "spots" - I have them in my lungs and on my right kidney.

Go get that bowling shirt!

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Way to go Dick.....lots of good news today!!!!

And thanks for the tip on the write-ups.

Lisa P.

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AWESOME NEWS Dick, Thanks as well for all the advice. It is greatly appreciated.

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Hurray!! Congrats - I am so happy for you. Enjoy!! jana

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Congrats Dick!!! Enjoy your happy dance with that great friend.

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I think the "NED FAN CLUB" is growing in such an inspirational way!!! I'm glad you can give a sigh of relief!

Now, we just need to get you and a few more folks on board for Nashville in September. I have a great way to honor those who have recently met our pal, NED!!!

Hugs and best wishes for many more years of NEDness!


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There are beginning to be so many members in Club NED. Love it!
Jo Ann

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Great news, Dick...enjoy. You're right about knowing the specifics of the results. I have 3 spots on my liver that predate my original workup. You would hope that the radiologists would check previous scans, but....
I have my next set of scans next week...hoping for the all clear, nearly 3 years out of treatment. Judy

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Terrific news. I am so happy for you. Time to really celebrate! These posts give me so much hope. My hubbys first scan after starting treatment is next wed. I am so hoping for a positive sign. Thanks for sharing this great news. When one wins , we all win!!!God Bless

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Hi Dick -

Such great news!

(Doesn't it make you wonder about radiology - most of these guys sit in closets and I think they don't actually realize that their reports, sometimes relatively terse, actually impact people's lives!)

Off my radiology soapbox!

Again I am so glad for your good results!


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wonderful news dick! i really wonder sometimes about the radiologists reading the scans. i've heard a number of horror stories from people who had incorrect readings. when we took my daughter to the ER several weeks ago, her tests were sent to AUSTRALIA (we live in new jersey) to be read. granted, it was late at night, but i was still very suprised! congratulations again on your great news!

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Great news, Dick! NED is the best thing we could ever hear. I know you must be so delighted. And thanks for sharing such good advice as well. Kate

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Great news, Dick!


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Soooooooooo happy to hear the good news!! Thanks for sharing your advise.
God bless-

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Great news, Dick!!! I am so happy for you.

Thanks also for the information on the interpretation of CT scans. It is interesting to note how some radiologist mention every little dot while others make no mention of the same thing.

Stay well.



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Big Congrats don't you just love it!

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