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Gabepaten for neuropathy?

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Hi. Has anyone taken Gabepaten for the peripheral neuropathy (tingly fingers/toes due to Oxaliplatin)? My oncologist is suggesting this for me. He says I might get quite drousy on it. I'd appreciate input from anyone who has tried or has any opinions. I'm already taking vit B6 every day.

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Gabapentin is known as Neurontin. It is originally an antiseizure drug. It's main use in neuropathy is to block the painful impulses. If you are having alot of discomfort I think it can help. I don't believe it helps the numbness. I have mainly numbness so just take the B6 as I want to avoid any more complicating chemicals. If one is having alot of pain it may be worth it. The main side effect is drowsiness. If you do take it you need to gradually build up the dose.


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Sorry but not have heard of this med..I'd like to look into it..my husband has numb fingers and his feet feel like he is walking on glass

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Hello taraHK
My husband took Gabepaten for a few months it didn't help the numbness but it made it more bearable. But he stopped taking it becausee if he would set down he would fall asleep anywhere.
He could not watch T.V. because he would fall asleep all the time .
Good luck!

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Hi, my uncologist prescribed me Lyrica because I ask him to give me something for the neuropathy, but when I read that was and antiseizure drug I decided not to take it because I don't have pain, my problem is terrible numbness in feet and tip of fingers, tomorrow I have an appt. with him and will ask him for vit. B6 that a lot of people is taking, I didn't experience any during chemo, and someone here mentioned that if it comes after chemo have stopped it was more permanent, I hope that it's not like that, because is really unconfortable,when you have to work and you don't want people to start thinking that you have a handicap.

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Betina, I think the oncologist just meant that it may get better but wouldn't go away completely. Mine is better than it was a year ago. Maybe yours will lesson and finally disappear. I read about someone who had it for a year and a half, then woke up one morning and realized it was gone.
Jo Ann

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My oncologist prescribed neurontin for me in an attempt to mitigate the huge neuropathy in my infusion arm (tingling, numbness, very painful to touch for a few days). I really tried to believe it was helping, but after trying it for two cycles I stopped, having concluded it did nothing. It didn't make me sleepy, however.

Hope maybe it will help you.


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My Dr. prescribe Vit B6....didnt help at all....I keep on hearing that the "bad" is done...I learned to live with it....No more pedicures for me ggggrrrrr

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My husband has been on gabapentin(neurontin) for pain -- not neuropathy though......he has pain that no one has been able to figure out why--he has been on neurontin and oxycontins for 17 months and has never had any problem with it making him sleepy or drowsy.

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