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last chemo ? advise on xeloda....

alta29 Member Posts: 435
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Taday was my last ( ?) chemo...it was supposed to shrink/dissapeared my tumors in the psoas muscle, but it did not...well, 1 shrunk, 1 grew 1 mil....My Dr's advice is to do a Pet scan in 4 weeks and depending what it hsows ( no new tumors) he will operate on me....but because I was on Avastin, he said that he cannot do surgery for 6 weeks ( healing is not good when on avastin). He is suggesting to stay on the pump every 2 weeks until surgery or xeloda (pills) I have never been on xeloda....what are the side effects...
PLEASEEEEEEEE keep me in your prayers so they wont find new tumors..on my side I went yesterday to a Dr that specializes in oriental medicine...they did accupunture.....I am juicing almost every day...eating a lot of fruits...tons of vitamins NO red meat at all....and the worst..I'm avoiding sugar....also lots of meditation and vizualization and staying away of ALL neagtive thoughts,people,news etc....
Thanks in advance


  • jams67
    jams67 Member Posts: 925
    I love your name! I have not had xeloda pills so I can't help there. Do a search on google and you will find it.
    Jo Ann
  • alta29
    alta29 Member Posts: 435
    jams67 said:

    I love your name! I have not had xeloda pills so I can't help there. Do a search on google and you will find it.
    Jo Ann

    Thanks jo ann.....
  • oneagleswings
    oneagleswings Member Posts: 425
    You are absolutely in our prayers...my husband was on xeloda (with oxaliplatin) and it seems to be a well tolerated drug..he had a great intial response but perhaps too good since his platelets "tanked" and he had to cut back on frequency of meds which over 6 months allowed for progression..no real symptoms of xeloda and he really apreciated the oral meds...good luck...
  • hopefulone
    hopefulone Member Posts: 1,043
    My husband is on xeloda. So far hes tolerating it well. He uses cream on his hands/feet to keep them smooth as xeloda can cause hand/foot syndrome. So far it's working. Good luck and God Bless . Keep us posted
  • mwomack
    mwomack Member Posts: 78
    I don't remember your details but if all the cancer is in the pelvic area, please check into cytoreductive surgery w/HIPEC. There are only about 10 places/surgeons that perform this in the US, but there are some good numbers for the right people. They are very selective on who they will perform the procedure.

    My husband has 3 pelvic tumors, and one has margins on the psoas muscle so I hope he gets better results from the chemo. He is due for his first scan since November this month. His CEA has dropped and is real good so I hope it means something. The Dr. wouldn't say it really meant anything and that a scan would need to be done to know.

    His chemo regimen is CPT11 and Avastin w/Xeloda. He takes the CPT11 and Avastin every 2 weeks and the Xeloda for 7 days starting when he gets the infusion of CPT11 and Avastin. He is very, very tired on this regimen. He says it is "kicking his butt." I don't think it is the Xeloda though.

    He also took the Xeloda last year when he was having radiation treatments, and it was not bad at all. A little nausea and fatigue, but it could have been the radiation doing that.

  • Monicaemilia
    Monicaemilia Member Posts: 455
    Hi Iliena: I know exactly what you are going through, as I am in the same position. I took Xeloda with Oxali and except for the hand/foot thing, was very well tolerated. And I will definitely send prayers your way that no new tumors appear so that you can have your surgery. Monica
  • valeriec
    valeriec Member Posts: 348
    My mom took Xeloda for 6 months. She took it for 14 days and was off for 7 days. She had very little side effects from the xeloda, and she loved that she could take it at home. Used lots of cream on her hands and feet. They got a little red and peeled some, but other than that it was OK. I will keep you in my prayers for no new tumors so you can have your surgery!! Good luck and God bless-
  • katefm
    katefm Member Posts: 112
    Ileana- You are in my prayers. I am wishing the best for you. Kate