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Ovarian Cancer

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Hello all, this is Loeyann again I want to thank allof you who replied to my request for some advice, I cannot believe how wonderful you all seem! My sister is 36 years old, she has had problems with that endromitrious (however you spell it) and the doctor that did surgery on her to remove it about 7 months ago some how "missed" this cancer. What I don't get is how can Ovarian Cancer come on so aggresive in such a short period of time? I think he did not do his job as far as I am concerned, I cannot change the outcome now, but I cannot help but feel angry at him. She goes in for "ports" on the 12th of this month and then she starts her chemo around the 23rd. She said she will go on a Monday somehow get chemo in the port around her shoulder? and then the next day get it in her belly, then she will go home on Wednesday return back the following week just get it in her belly, then have two seeks off then the whole thing starts again for about six months.I don't know what drugs yet however she said they did give her a script for alot of anti nausea meds. She is also going to be on Procrit too. I want to be able to go with her but my work schedule is tough, her husband said he will go to the first treatment with her, how mighty fine is that... that is another story all together.. I don't want her to be alone.. I am going to try to re-arrange my schedule to see if I can go with her. My mom who is 68 and handicapped and well who was working full time up until this week decided to retire to help her as well, the thing of it is my mom can't really afford to do that both her and my dad are not in good shape either they have alot of medicine that they are on that the insurance doesn't cover. So it sure will be a trying time. I don't want to boere you with the details, As soon as I learn more about what types of drugs she will be on you will be hearing from me, I know I will have more questions! But so far so good, I am doing her hair for her this week, she loves that!! So have a nice Easter Holiday each one of you and may God bless you! I know he has blessed me because he sent me to you!!

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Your sister is lucky to have you and I know you want to help as much as you can. Going with her to the chemo treatments is great if you can swing your schedule. It sounds like they are going to be very aggressive with the treatments. Do you know what stage her cancer is? I can just say to be there for her as much as you can. I will be praying for her and your family to get through this. Keep us posted as to how it is going, ok? And have a blessed Easter.

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Hi Loeyann,

I hope you will be able to go to the chemo sessions with your sister, but, unless she seems scared about them, don't worry too much about that. My husband went for my first one (which was in the hospital), and would drop in occasionally when I was at the cancer center having the others, but otherwise I drove myself in, settled into the comfy chair with my c.d. player (the radio stations that they would have on at the nurses' station weren't my taste) and magazines or books, and relaxed as much as possible. One of the meds that is typically given is Benadryl (to help with any possible allergic reaction), and it really made me relax a lot.

Chemo is no fun, but in the light of how miserable I was before my surgery, it was a piece of cake!

If she knows what to expect during chemo, maybe you can help her get together a bag to take for the sessions. I always took my lunch and drinks or water, once I found out I would be there for about 6 or 7 hours at a time.

Come back and let us know how things are going. I know she's going to benefit from having you supporting her!

Have a most blessed Easter!

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You going along with her is a great idea, and I'll be praying that it all goes well for her. My sister goes with me to all my Dr. appts as well as all my chemos. I remember the 1st cycle of tx lasted 6 hours or so. But she's getting IP tx,so I'm not sure of how long they are. Having the ports is a great thing, I love mine!!! Good luck and I'll be saying my prayers for your sister..(((hugz)))..Joanne

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So much great advice from everyone here. I definitely echo all of it.

Just take one day at a time. Looking too far ahead can create anxiety. Just be prepared, but don't dwell on 'what might be'. I would have some issues too about the doctor 'missing' the cancer. Did he do a biopsy when he did the endo surgery? Did she have another surgery for the cancer after? I'm sorry I don't recall all of the details. However, she is where she is right now - getting good treatment, has a wonderful sister to help her and lots of support here.

We'll be waiting to hear how things go. Prayers and hugs, always.


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I found out my sis is getting her ports put in on the 12th, one up by her shoulder and one in her belly. She is stage three. They are going to use Taxol and something else that starts with an "s". She will be addmitted on a Monday given chemo in the upper port then on Tuesday she will be given it in the belly and she has to turn every 15 minutes or so, I tried to kid with her and told her "kind of like a rotissery" then she gets to come home Tuesday night then goes back the following Monday for chemo just in the belly, then she gets to have 2 weeks off then it starts over again for about six months.The hospital she has to go to is over an hour away because there is no one in our area that specializes in this type. I was under the impression she was going to have Procrit shots but its Neulasta she will be getting so, any advice you guys can muster up will help both her and I. They also have her on blood thinners as well I guess when she had her surgery she developed a small blood clot in her lung they said it is common, they also are going to put in a screen somehow up thru her groin area? Iguess it has something to do with the whole blood clot thing, so we will see..

Thanks again and I will keep in touch!!!


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