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Oxy tingling

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Do most of you that get the Oxy get a break in the tingling within a few days after treatment or does it always stay? I'd just love to have a few days that I could drink something cold. I still forget that I can't drink anything cold. Went out for lunch and bought myself a milkshake, had to put that one in the freezer for now. I'll be so glad when I get to the halfway mark on the treatments -- maybe see light at the end of the tunnel. Since I've only had one treatment, I've got a ways to go (wishful thinking)!!

Also, how careful are you about buying your veggies, fruits, etc.? I was told to not use any of the two fresh, only frozen or canned, by the nurse. My onc disagrees, told me to wash everything really well, but it was okay to eat. What about deli meats, I was told not to buy them.

What are your thoughts?



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Hi Char. My husband has the tingles for about 5 days after treatment, then it goes away (so far) He's completed two treatments. He wasn't told anything about staying away from any foods in particular, so I'm curious about that. Hang in there, you should be able to resume colder drinks in a few days or so for the most part.

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Sorry, I didn't make myself understood on the veggies, fruits, etc. She said due to the compromise to my immune system I should not eat anything fresh due to bacteria. I did read too in a booklet from the Cancer Society that it was important to make sure all foods are clean and cooked throughly. I was just curious how particular others were in this area.

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Hi Char -

I had 6 cycles (3 weeks apart for the most part - I was on Xeloda rather than 5FU). My treatments were always on Monday. By Friday I was tentatively sipping cold drinks, but slightly regretting it. By the next week I was pretty much ok as far as extreme cold sensitivity went.

Hope this helps,

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The cold sensitivity lasted only a few days. You'll be able to drink your milkshake in no time. As for the veggies, I was just told to wash them thoroughly or to cook them well. I don't think you should be afraid of eating veggies. As for deli meats, everyone says not to eat deli meats, but I find that it is the only thing I can eat the day of my chemo infusion. So I make sure I limit the amount. Monica

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Hi Char-

Jim had tingling for about 6 days after treatment, and gradually recovered and was able to drink cold things by beginning to middle of the second week.

We never shyed away from fresh fruits and veggies, because we think they have the most nutrients. We did make sure to wash really well.

We did stop eating deli meats because of the nitrates, which are supposed to cause cancer. I haven't done the research, but I don't think overly processed anything is too great, so we stopped eating those. However, I just found that Hormel makes a brand called Natural Choice that is nitrate-free and supposedly mininally processed. So we're using those now.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Char,

Hmm..I am thinking that even if you don't have cold sensitivity, you probably still wanna stay away from milk shakes. It has just a multitudes of sins, starting with the sugar and the fat. I was so sensitive to temp that all I ever drank while on chemo were luke warm water or hot tea. Being a tea addict, I was OK with that.

Frozen veggies are certainly better than canned ones. Nothing beats fresh and raw tho. Yes you do want to wash them very carefully, and get organic one if possible.

I personally don't touch processed meats because of nitrates and salt and preservatives. I have one of those lean mean grilling machines with which you can make grilled but not burned organic chicken pieces in 2 minutes. So why bother with packaged meats and worry.

Hope this helps,

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My thinking is probably different from others here, but unless you are overweight, I think while you are on chemo, eat anything that tastes good to you within reason. Wash the fruits and veggies real well; my allergist suggested washing them in Borax. Cold liquid is impossible to drink at first, but when you can stand to drink them, then they freeze your hands so try using a straw and just drinking beverages without ice.
You have one treatment over with! Yeah!
Gilda Radner (sp) used a strip of toilet paper to measure her treatments and pulled off a square each time she finished her chemo. Seems like that would be even more appropriate for colon chemo.
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I agree, there are many days you just have to eat what you tolerate. It is a good idea to limit the amount of nitrates in the diet and avoid them when you can. I too found that using a straw helped. The cold liquid intolerance seemed to take longer to resolve with progressive cycles.


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Hi Char:
my husband found that the sensitivty to cold went away after about 3 days..straws realy helped...

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Yay! One treatment down!!! During my treatment, the numbness & tingling lasted longer each time. I only did 9 of 12 treatments, and the numbness & tingling are still with me 5 weeks after the last one. My onc says that it will take a while to pass, and that it can be permanent for some. Just be sure that you have no numbness or tingling before each treatment, or it could very well become permanent. I drank warm or lukewarm liquids all through treatment because the effects in my throat stayed all the time. And yes, my onc & the nurses all said to wash all fresh foods very thoroughly and to stay away from restaurants and delis. You will do fine if you listen to your doc and your body. Tell him or her everything that you are feeling--it helps with your treatment plan. Also, be sure to stay as hydrated as possible. I'm pulling for you!

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Hi Char,

Congratulations on completing your first treatment. With each passing one, the tunnel gets lighter! I think if your white blood counts remain normal, eating fresh vegetables is fine, as long as they are washed thoroughly.

My tingling usually lasted several days after each treatment. Hopefully, it will subside soon.

Keep us posted on your progress.



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Hi........I finished chemo in July of 06 and was given 4 chemo drugs when I had my infusions. I was given Avastin, 5-FU, oxilaplatin and Lecouvorian. I am still experiencing numbness in my feet and hands. I am writing this not to scare you but just being honest with you about the drug. I have also learned that OXY affects people in different ways so take that into consideration. I also had a severe allergic reaction to the drug on my 11th chemo infusion and all chemo was stopped after that. I went into antifalactic shock when they started the OXY on me during my 11th infusion. I am just glad that the warmer weather is happening now because my feet have never recovered from feeling cold this past winter.I hope all goes well and hopefully the chemo wont affect you as it did me

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