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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Thank you all

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Thank you for all your input. Alot of you are new here and it is too bad we must meet like this! But I have been here for three years now. Anyway, I will be going to my internist soon and maybe he can suggest something or refer me to a good gastro doc. I have tried all the meds you can think of, I guess not eating is the best remedy for me when traveling. I will try the small meals a few times a day. I will let you all know how I make out when I go to the doc. Thanks again. Yes, I had rectal cancer and had the rectum removed. A temporary ileostomy and a bowel resection months later. I had chemo and radiation which my surgeon said gave me all these problems. But the weird thing is that I can't figure out which foods do what and when I get these flare ups they last for 3 -4 days. Then they go away and I am back to 4-6 bms a day instead of the 10-15 with spasms. mmmmm Take care everyone.

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I wish you all the best and hope that it gets better for you. Maybe what you are experiencing is not IBS and could be the after effects of radiation and surgery. I was left with way too many trips to the bathroom after my ileostomy reversal. I tried all kinds if meds and many different docs. When I decided that I was having too many bad days and not enough good days, I had a colostomy done. It was a tough decision, but I haven't looked back. I have my life back. I can eat what ever I want. Before the ostomy I could never tell what foods bothered me. It seemed to be any food. there was no pattern.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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