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When they won't do a biopsy

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I know I am giong to have answers in a few more days, but I'm going nuts until the. They found 2 large (> 6.5cm) masses in my liver. One is removable, the other is nestled in all the major valves and vessels like a little egg. The last surgeon I saw refused to do a biopsy. He said it was too much of a risk. So, anyone else have tricky little tumors? What should I expect? I'm seeing a transplant specialist, so that makes me wonder if I have to hope and wait for a liver or if they might just go in and carefully remove it. But I read another article that says they won't remove large tumors. I'm the sort of person who likes to have a good idea of what's coming up next and would just like to talk to anyone else that has gone through this. I'm 26 and told over and over that I'm too young for cancer. (That's a laugh) but they just removed cancer cells from the last 4 inches of colon I have. I unfortunately have FAP as well and have been the first in the family to have cancer cells form after the removal of the colon. So my biggest fear is that it got to my liver anyway. Oh, any sort of convo is welcome. Even if you just have to say "don't stress" I get told that a lot. :)

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Hi. It sounds like you have liver mets? not primary liver cancer ? But I'm not sure . ( my husband has mets from rectal cancer) If that's the case, post on the colorectal category. You will get a lot of responses and a lot of survivor stories. It's a site with much hope. Also my husband is on chemo for the mets, takes xeloda oral and iv with avastin(to shrink tumors) and oxalplatin every 3 weeks . Hopefully to shrink them so that either liver resection, rfa, cryosurgery etc .becomes a viable option. If you are seeng a transplant specialist, that sounds like a step in the right direction and you'll be seeing someone who is at the top of their field so that is positive. Usually that is for primary liver cancer. It's not an option for my husband as his originated in the colon. I know waiting around for answers is very difficult. Been there, done that , and am still doing that, but you have to have hope and keep the faith. It's normal to stress over this, so I am not going to tell you otherwise, but when you think about it, stressing doesn't help anything but we all do it anyway .God Bless and good luck to you.

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Hi Fishgirl -

SOrry for your situation, but like HOPEFULONE this soundslike it may be more likely metastatic colorectal than primary liver disease. And they are different diseases.

I suggest you visit the colorectal site also - it's quite active and filled with really nice and supportive people.

Take care, Betsy

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Unfortunately, they removed the masses, there ended up being more than they thought, and they had high hopes it wasn't cancer cause the blood tests and the PET scan came up negative. But it was positive for cancer. And it isn't metastic from the colon or whatnot. It's it's very own liver cancer. So next week I go to a radiologist. I have no clue what to expect.

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